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The best books Kobo read in April 2024

By Kobo • April 30, 2024Kobo Staff Picks

Discover the eBooks and audiobooks that Kobo staffers loved in April

Providence by Craig Willse

“This recent release (last week!) was described by the publisher as perfect for readers of Donna Tartt’s The Secret History and Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr. Ripley and I can confirm, that is fully accurate. It 💯 delivers and I devoured it in two days.” —Jacques

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You Are Here by David Nicholls

“I just finished the new David Nicholls. He is one of my favourite authors and really does the minutia of love so well; this newest is very peaceful (walking! weather! dodgy pub hotels!) and I'm hoping it'll be a massive year for him, after the huge success of One Day on Netflix. The Booker-longlisted Us has been my favourite read of his so far but honestly, this latest was so funny and heartwarming and wonderful, it may be a joint first place. Currently a frontrunner for my Book of the Year. If walking across the British countryside is your thing, maybe this book is too.” —Natasha

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Real Americans by Rachel Khong

“This book made me feel all the feelings, and was utterly engrossing. Definitely will be one of my personal top books of the year. Cannot recommend enough.” —Deandra

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I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together: A Memoir by Maurice Vellekoop

“I've been enjoying Maurice Vellekoop's memoir, I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together. As a narrative it feels unvarnished in a good way, I don't sense him building to some big reveal or event; stuff just happens and it's all kind of confusing. He meets someone, he tries on a new personality, he worries, he has failures. Gets a couple of wins. Gets hurt. It feels true to life that way. Though I understand the title comes from the song Carol Burnett would sing at the end of her variety show, I'm halfway through and to me the title speaks to how I feel about picking the book up to read the next chapter. I just like hanging out with this guy and I'm glad for these little bits of time.” —Nathan

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Table for Two: Fictions by Amor Towles

“I'm a big Amor Towles fan and was so excited to see his new book come out! When I saw it was short stories, I was a little hesitant as it's not a genre I typically read, but also, how does a novelist like Amor distill his writing into short stories?! However, I am almost done and have been pleasantly surprised by how much I am enjoying it. I highly recommend, the stories, while short, are full and lively and really suck you in. Amor, in my opinion, is one of the best descriptive writers, I always feel like I am right there with the characters. Also, if you've read Rules of Civility, the last short story, Eve in Hollywood, picks up from where it left off with Eve in NYC.” —Kristain

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