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The best books Kobo read in August 2023

By Kobo • August 31, 2023Kobo Staff Picks

Discover the eBooks and audiobooks that Kobo staffers loved in August.

The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes

"An excellent accompaniment if you liked Oppenheimer. Compelling storytelling - it really moves along. This goes fairly deep into the 40 years of physics leading up to the atomic bomb and has lots of depth/biographic info on Bohr, Heisenberg, Szilard, Teller and more -- all of the people that show up for a minute on screen, but are huge figures in 20th century physics. And a compelling picture of just how suddenly and abruptly scientists from Europe found themselves fleeing the Nazis, from "it could never happen here" to a scramble for escape and new lives in new countries." —Michael

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Chlorine by Jade Song

"I absolutely loved Chlorine. It has some body horror in it, so beware of that, but it's beautiful and haunting and cruel and so, so good." —May

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Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman

"This book made me completely change the way I think about time, time management, and productivity (and our constant need as a society to always be doing something). I am walking away from this book fundamentally changed. This is an absolute must read/listen." —Deandra

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The Paris Bookseller by Kerri Maher

"Loved this one! Set in Paris in the 1920s/1930s, this tells the story of how Slyvia Beach opened Shakespeare and Company and published James Joyce's Ulysses. I read The Paris Wife last year and this has very similar vibes." —Kristain

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Haldol and Hyacinths: A Bipolar Life by Melody Moezzi

"I finished this memoir last month and found it to be a candid and incredibly moving story of living with mental illness and how it feels to have more than one cultural identity." —Jananie

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Boys in the Valley by Philip Fracassi

"Every so often I like a creepy horror novel like when I read Stephen King in my teens. I’m halfway through this book and *scream* — the description of “The Exorcist meets Lord of the Flies by way of Midnight Mass” is 100% accurate should that be your cup of tea!" —Jacques

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The Dark Tower: The Dark Tower VII by Stephen King

"I finished Stephen King's Dark Tower series last week on vacation. I've been reading one volume every summer for the past... I guess it's been seven years. I'm not much of a series reader, but I've looked forward to each of these for great escapist fun packed with just enough King-certified nightmare fuel to keep it interesting. (Hellooo, lobstrosities!) Turning the last page, I felt like my own quest to climb to the top of this towering series was finally completed."—Nathan

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