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The best books Kobo read in October 2023

By Kobo • October 31, 2023Kobo Staff Picks

Discover the eBooks and audiobooks that Kobo staffers loved in October.

Working on a Song by Anaïs Mitchell

“As a huge theatre nerd, this book has been fascinating. The composer/writer of Hadestown goes through the evolution of each song in the show from conception to workshop to Broadway (and many productions in between).” —Rachel

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Leslie F*cking Jones by Leslie Jones

“I’m listening to this now and it is the *best*, I legitimately LOL often (even at the book’s description). She narrates like she does a comedy set, with a lot of emotion, laughs, and tears during the sad moments. I’ve never heard an audiobook like it. Be warned, if you are sensitive to swearing there is a *lot*.” —Jacques

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Ultra-Processed People: Why We Can't Stop Eating Food That Isn't Food by Chris van Tulleken

“I have been doing the digital version of "yelling from the rooftops" about this book because I simply think everyone needs to read it. Basically, if you need food to live, this book should be required reading. As someone who feels fairly confident reading ingredient list and understanding why processed food is not good for us, this book opened my eyes to so much. Not just in respect to how our bodies react to these foods but the greater global consequences - on the environment, on vulnerable communities, on future generations and more. On top of that, he's a great writer! It genuinely made me laugh out loud a couple of times, and it's not written in a way that is hard to follow. All of this to say, please consider adding this to your TBR piles because it is something that impacts every one of us every single day.” —Deandra

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The Underworld: Journeys to the Depths of the Ocean by Susan Casey

“I just finished Susan Casey's new book The Underworld which follows her journey of deep sea exploring. If you're interested in nature listens, she's the best. Voices in the Ocean is one of my favourite nonfiction books ever.” —Tiana

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The Woman in Me by Britney Spears

“As a kid, I used to dress up like Britney Spears and “perform” her songs in my bedroom. She was, is, and forever will be an icon. Hearing Britney tell her story after a lifetime of people trying to tell it for her felt so powerful.”—Alanna

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