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Thou shalt get sidetracked by... books

By Kobo • May 26, 2024Recommended Reading

Have you scoured the irradiated wasteland for books that feel like Fallout?

Okey, dokey...

Fallout, the post-apocalyptic, retro-futuristic show inspired by a series of video games under the same name has a lot to love about it. The storyline of the streaming TV series focuses on Lucy, a young woman who's lived a sheltered life, literally existing entirely underground in a "vault," waiting with other vault-dwellers for the right time to bring civilization back to the surface. But after brutal raiders drag Lucy's father to the surface and across its barren wastes, she sets out to save him and, in the process, discovers there's a lot more to life above-ground—and herself—than she ever would have known if she'd stayed tucked away in Vault 33. For readers seeking imaginative speculative stories, what-if alternate histories, devastation brought on by nuclear and environmental disaster, and plucky protagonists who won’t let the end of the world as we know it keep them down for long, check out these books.

American War by Omar El Akkad

Here, we get the aftermath of the Second American Civil War in 2074. Climate change has destroyed much of the country, Louisiana is almost completely covered by water, and South Carolina has been devastated by a plague, leaving people quarantined and walled off from the rest of the world. Living in a relocation camp in the South is Sarat Chestnut. The world has changed in so many ways, but Sarat's violent journey might shake the world more than anything else.

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Upright Women Wanted by Sarah Gailey

Upright Women Wanted is set in a near-future version of the American Southwest, a fascist future where books are banned, and rebellious librarians ride around in rogue book wagons to spread word of the resistance.

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Tender Is the Flesh by Agustina Bazterrica

In the world of this novel, an infectious virus has poisoned all animal meat, and in response, the government has sanctioned the consumption of human meat. The consumption of human meat has created a strange hierarchy where people raised to be eaten as meat are seen as something less than human.

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The New Wilderness by Diane Cook

In The New Wilderness, the world has not been destroyed by nuclear war, but it has been torn apart through climate change and overpopulation. In this world, new communities are created in response to the new realities of the world. In an experimental community created to see if humanity can coexist with nature, nomadic hunter-gatherers are given strict orders to "Leave No Trace."

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Down to a Sunless Sea by David Graham

David Graham's Down to a Sunless Sea starts right before a major nuclear war breaks out and follows the aftermath and the collapse of society. In the hopes of escaping the United States, Captain Jonah Scott pilots a plane filled with refugees to London. But after war breaks out while they are in mid-flight, Jonah suddenly finds himself responsible for saving humanity as we know it.

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