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My Reading Life

Portrait of a Reader: John Massey

Welcome to "Portrait of a Reader" - our series where we delve into the reading lives of our customers, their stories, and book recommendations.

The Bookish Life

Best books about space travel

In honour of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, here are some of the best books to read about space.

Open Your Mind

The importance of human connection

"These experiences show me again and again, that the most important thing people need to heal, succeed and thrive is human connection."

My Reading Life

7 books for starting over

Books are here to offer solace and examples for how (or how not) to proceed when you find yourself unexpectedly heading in a new direction.

My Writing Life

My Writing Life: EWP Literary Fiction Winner, Nora Decter

How Far We Go and How Fast by Nora Decter, won this year's Emerging Writer Prize for Literary Fiction. We talk about books, music and what inspires her.

My Writing Life

My Writing Life: EWP Romance Winner, Julie Evelyn Joyce

Steeped in Love, a self-published book by Julie Evelyn Joyce won this year’s Emerging Writer Prize for Romance. Get to know Julie and her writing style.

My Writing Life

My Writing Life: EWP Nonfiction Winner, Kate Harris

Lands of Lost Borders, a modern-day travelogue by Kate Harris, won this year's Emerging Writer Prize for Nonfiction. We asked Kate about her writing life.

Must Reads

A Difficult Must-Read: Reclaiming Power and Place

The report from the National Inquiry into Missing and Murder Indigenous Women and Girls is now available as a free eBook from Kobo.

Open Your Mind

Queer lives, full hearts

Three Kobo staff members with over 20 years between them discuss their LGBTQ2+ experiences then and now.

Open Your Mind

Why Pride still matters

Samra Habib: "Pride is about daring to take up space—one of the ultimate forms of resistance. To boldly claim we exist."

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