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    Perfect for both new readers and fans wanting more

    For those unfamiliar with Baccano: These novels are a fun, fast paced series centered around an ensemble of unique, (often uniquely insane) characters that is the closest thing to a cinematic experience you can get on the page. Think Pulp Fiction with it's collection of fascinating characters and interlocking stories, add some fantasy elements, and turn the crazy meter to a much higher setting. For the fans of the anime: Reading the novels will finally give you the continuation of the story while expanding on the world and characters. This particular novel finally tells you what happened to Dallas at the end of the anime. It also furthers the story of Jacuzzi's gang, Chane, and many other characters from the anime. This novel is the first entry of a two part story centered around Tick, the Gandor's torturer with a scissors obsession (who had limited screentime in the past novels/anime) and it expands him into a much deeper and intriguing character than one might have initially believed. Joining him is Maria, a sword wielding hitman who also loves cutting anything she can, but for a much more distinctive reason. One of the best aspects of this novel is seeing a variety of distinctive groups with different motives, grudges and obsessions coming together to create a powder keg that goes off in an immensely entertaining fashion. To both those unfamiliar with this work and fans of the anime, I highly recommend these novels.

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