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    Obrigado por seu comentário! begins in the heart not the bloodlines.

    Christmas is supposed to be about faith, hope and charity, not chaos, secrets and blackmail. Ms. Clare manages to sprinkle in a little bit of each along with a whole lot of love, a great deal of mischief and a dab of forgiveness. Gretchen and Hunter's wedding is shaping up to be the event of the season. If the bride and groom manage to make it down the aisle. The Billionaires Boys Club series although sugary is full of optimism, life lessons and heartwarming moments that culminate in love. Beauty and the Billionaire: The Wedding puts the finishing touches on an adorable saga of family and friends and the strong bond they share. It proves family begins in the heart not the bloodlines. A winner. Copyright of Night Owl Reviews
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    Beauty and the Billionaire, The Wedding

    Another great book. Ms. Clare doesn't let you down. I've been waiting for this story and I'm glad it's out, I knew it would be wonderful. It was good to read about the other characters and how they were doing. I enjoyed this very much.
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    3.5 stars--BEAUTY AND THE BILLIONAIRE: The Wedding by Jessica Clare is a novella length story line in the Billionaire Boys Club series focusing on the Christmas wedding preparations one week prior to Gretchen Petty and Hunter Buchanan’s wedding. The months leading up to the wedding have been highlighted in Jessica Clare’s spin off series-Billionaires and Bridesmaids that focused on several of the wedding party attendants for the upcoming nuptials. BEAUTY AND THE BILLIONAIRE also follows the building relationship between Gretchen and Audrey’s prodigal sister Daphne Petty, and her personal trainer Wes. Told from several third person points of view we are witness to Gretchen’s meltdown as her wedding day approaches. From a series of baking mishaps, a winter snowstorm, and a potential blackmail scheme, Gretchen believes her wedding day is cursed. With the return of Daphne things go from bad to worse as the trio of sisters begin to butt heads about Daphne’s sudden appearance. BEAUTY AND THE BILLIONAIRE: The Wedding is the culmination of several story lines and two series, and months of preparations for Gretchen and Hunter’s wedding. The reader has been up close and personal as the bridesmaids and groomsmen have come and gone never quite sure who will be standing with the bride and groom. The premise is entertaining and a whirlwind of activity but was anti-climactic with the resulting story line due in part to the massive buildup throughout the series-I was expecting a more extravagant and detailed story. The characters are colorful and familiar; the romance is limited as the relationship has already been established. The lone scene of sexual activity is mostly implied. With the addition of Daphne and Wes, I am going to presume there is another story line in the future and The Wedding is the vehicle of introduction.

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