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    Grim but compelling read

    A harsh and desperate land peopled by characters who are not your typical hero types. Gods and demigods fight each other, using the inhabitants as pawns who have no choice in the matter. Fight and die or don't fight and get turned into monsters. Everything is taken from these people and yet they still find hope and loyalty in caring for each other. The writing is so compelling that you care about them even though you can see no good ending. This was a totally engrossing book from start to finish. Don't usually like books with this much despair but have to read more to see if the author can keep anyone alive to the end. This book was an ARC from NetGalley. Thanks to author and publisher as well.
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    When the world is ending, do you run or stand?

    Ed McDonald's "Blackwing" tells the story of Ryhalt Galharrow, a rough bounty hunter, who is also a somewhat unwilling servant (aka: Blackwing) of the Nameless being, Crowfoot. Galharrow lives in a dark and broken, magical world following the clash of two powerful beings, the Nameless and the Deep Kings. This clash created a wasteland, called the Misery, which currently separates the Deep Kings from humanity and their apparent protectors, the Nameless. The wicked darkness of the Deep Kings reawakens just as Galharrow meets Ezabeth Tanza, a powerful Spinner (magician) from his past, who has discovered the Nameless's original weapon against the Deep Kings may no longer work. I initially disliked "Blackwing" due to the language but continued reading because of the compelling story and the accuracy of the character portrayal. Galharrow can't exactly be called a hero, but he is a likable leader with a natural motivation to do what is best, even while serving Crowfoot. My initial and enduring reaction to the entirety of the book is, "Wow!" I especially liked Ezabeth and her compulsive need to prove whether or not the Nameless's weapon against the Deep Kings still works. I can't wait until the next book comes out ("Ravencry")! Based on "Blackwing", I will definitely buy it if my library doesn't get a copy. My opinion is solely my own, but I do want to thank Goodreads, Berkeley Publishing Group of Penguin Random House, and Ed McDonald for a copy of this awesome book.
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    Good book. Lots of action. Interesting concept. Quite enjoyed it.

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