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    Amazing book!

    Jay Kristoff has done it again...he has managed to make me both revere and despise him. For all of you who think I'm exaggerating, close your eyes and picture this: A girl, sitting on her bed, head bent over a book..she look peaceful but only because she's mastered her reading poker face. Suddenly, she gasps, grabbing the book and pulling it closer to her face, as if that will make the words come faster. Now a strangled gasp escapes from her lips and her jaw drops. Reading the last page, she sucks in a deep breath, closes the book and FREAKS. OUT. Think screaming into her pillow (her pillow because it is 1 o' clock in the morning and she had to finish this book before bed) and cursing the name of Jay Freaking Kristoff. O, gentlefriends, this book was amazing. Picking up shortly after the ending of Nevernight, Mia Corvere is still hell bent on getting her revenge on those who stole away her familia. And damn if she isn't going to get it. I have to admit, I was slightly concerned I might have a case Second Book Syndrome on my hands. Would Godsgrave live up to it's predecessor? Would it be as bloody, action-packed and (somehow) sexy as Nevernight? The answer is a resounding YES to all of the above, gentlefriends. Somehow Godsgrave managed to be bloodier, more action packed and (whisper) sexier than the firstborn of this series. Godsgrave is the favored second born child, always one upping their older sibling. Oh you thought Mia was badass as a assassin? Wait until you see her as a gladati! "Soon, the sky itself will know my name." And, of course, we are led through this world by our ever so mysterious narrator, full of snarky comments and interesting Godsgrave facts in a..unique format to say the least. Godsgrave has opened a whole new door to the world of Nevernight with new people (both friends and enemies) and the ever-evolving Mia Corvere who leaves us hungry for more of her sarcastic, witty and general butt-kicking self. I am currently struggling to keep this review as spoiler free as possible but let me take a moment to say: damn you, Jay Kristoff. Can this man even write a book without a shaking ending? Is it physically possible for him? All the evidence is pointing to NO. For every answer we get, five more questions take its place. All I can say is BE PREPARED! ALL THE FREAKING STARS!

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