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    Lauren Dawes draws you into her books!

    When Sabel loses his best friend Colton in the most gruesome way, he’s determined to find the culprit. And what do the vampires want with Sabel? When Ivy can’t reach her twin brother she asks her alpha for permission to go to the Helheim pack to make sure that he’s alright. When she’s told No, she goes anyways! Then she finds out that Colton is dead and she’s just as determined to find the person as Sabel is if not more. When Saskia finds a human being attacked by vampires she does the only thing she can…she tries to fight them to save him. With her brother’s help she takes Alex home to help him heal. She finds that she’s attracted to a human and she’s a wolf, the problem? It’s just not done. With the female ratio so low her brother wants her to mate with a wolf so that there is a chance to have more females born to the pack. With the Wolf war coming will everyone survive? Will Sabel and Ivy get together? What happens with Saskia and Alex? Well to find out you’ll have to read this terrific book!

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