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    Right to be wrong

    Raised with the Carlisle sons, Miranda fell in love as a teen with Robert. As his father receives the Dukedom and dies a while later, she grows into a woman, bit still stays the orphan of tenants. Scraping every bit of courage together, she approaches him during a masquerade and exchanges wonderful kisses, she knows he is hers and then comes the shock to find out it had not been Robert but his older brother Sebastian, the duke. The whole family loves Miranda, but Sebastian is the duke after all. He needs a duchess, an heir and securing his families well-being. To avoid scandal, he agrees to a bargain with Miranda, she helps him to find a suitable wife and he will help her to win his brothers heart. This story is heart-melting. You feel compassion with Miranda from the beginning. She is brave and although she thinks she has figured it out it goes horribly wrong. You feel inclined to tell her that she is only infatuated with Robert and that she should let go, but of course that is not what will happen. Whenever something goes wrong you want to comfort her and at the same time you want the duke to be happy. Sometimes you laugh hard and loud and then you become quiet and anxious. The book keeps you up until late only to find out if both can find happiness, if they have to be satisfied with the duties they have or if they will shatter because of what happened. Anna created very likeable characters with which I connected nearly from the beginning. You can’t but love the Carlisle’s, especially the brothers mother. That book has rakes, rogues, honorable men, ladies, a charming grown girl with mischief, deep emotions, hidden secret, bravery and intelligence. I like to read historical romances and in some you have brainless simple main characters, but not in Anna’s books. When you like deep emotions as well as convincing obstacles and aren’t afraid of your heart to melt, you should read the book. I received an advanced reader copy at no charge from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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    A five-star review on If the Duke Demands by Anna

    I received a free review copy of this book by NetGalley Miranda has known the Carlisles nearly all her life, being her favourite Robert. She is in love with him or so she thinks. Sebastian’s life changed the night his father died. The load on his shoulders is heavy as he doesn’t feel free to behave like a normal man does. The story is funny and emotional, makes you laugh and cry. The author is good with words describing emotions and feelings. You can really feel the pain, the love, the regret, the sorrow, and the joy along with the characters. It is one of those books you want to finish to know what happens in the end but at the same time, you don’t want to do it because you want to go on reading. I liked the dialogues between Miranda and Sebastian. I liked the wisdom of Sebastian’s mother. I can hardly wait to read the story of the rest of the Carlisles.

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