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    Make Me by Beth Kery-serial review

    4.25 stars--- MAKE ME (releasing as an eight part serial) by Beth Kery is a stand alone, erotic, romance story line focusing on billionaire Jacob Latimer, and investigative journalist/editor Harper McFaddan. NOTE: This is a review for the entire serial. Told from dual third person points of view using memories, flashbacks, dreams and present day MAKE ME follows the building relationship between Jacob Latimer and Harper McFaddan-a second chance of sorts-for two people whose lives, almost two decades earlier, intertwined their heart and souls. Harper McFaddan recently moved to Tahoe Shores from San Francisco to start a new chapter in her life (following the death of her parents) but meeting reclusive billionaire Jacob Latimer finds our heroine caught between wanting to move forward and being pulled into the past. Jacob Latimer is a software entrepreneur whose secrets run deep; and little to nothing is known about his past. What ensues is a slow building romance between Jacob and Harper, as Jacob struggles with revealing the truth to the woman who calls to his soul. MAKE ME is a sexually aggressive and graphic storyline with scenarios of bondage, rope play, and anal $ex that may be issues for some sensitive readers. Jacob is a man who likes control both in and out of the boardroom, and finds himself needing to claim Harper as his own. His fears of ‘losing’ Harper cause many anxious moments for a man whose reputation is cold and aloof. But little do most people know that Jacob is a man who has a need to protect those who cannot protect themselves. The majority of the story line focuses on the relationship between Harper and Jacob interspersed with a series of flashbacks and dreams that will trigger memories from the past. We are introduced to Jacob’s inner circle-the people who know him best-yet the same people who know nothing about the boy he once was. MAKE ME is an imaginative and spirited story line about betrayal and loss; grief and heartbreak; falling in love and letting go of the past. The premise is dramatic; the characters are captivating and intense; the romance is a slow build of passion, desire, wants and needs. MAKE ME is an erotic tale about fated lovers whose lives were destroyed by a single moment in time, but brought together for a second chance at forever and love.

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