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  • 5 pessoa achou esse avaliação útil

    5 pessoas acharam esta avaliação útil

    5 de 5 acharam esta avaliação útil

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    A beautifully told friends to lovers story.

    I'm stealing this first part from a friend that typed this in a facebook message. ;) Jody Holford is an author who knows how to write beautiful, heartfelt romance without describing every hip thrust or throaty moan. She doesn't need to add in raunchy sex scenes to relay the attraction and love that her characters feel for each other. And this applies to Owen and Gabby's story as well. Was it a pretty predictable storyline? Yes, it was, but it's a friends-to-lovers romance where they pretend to be a couple to cover up a lie Owen tells his parents. You'd have to be clueless not to see where it's heading. Was there a lot of drama? Nope, and I adored that. Sometimes less is more. It let me focus on the fact that it's a Holiday romance. I was able to enjoy everything that built up with Owen and Gabby. And the crazy relationship Owen had with his family, and the one Gabby craved with them had me either cracking up laughing, or trying to hold back my tears. Was there raw emotion screaming at me from each page? Most definitely! Gabby's madly in love with her best friend, but she hides it. Owen's just discovering there's more to Gabby then he thought. And of course there was this ONE scene where my heart just completely shattered for Gabby. I wanted to reach into my Kindle and just hug her. Jody has yet to disappointment me with her stories. They're so beautifully told, I get lost in them sometimes.
  • 3 pessoa achou esse avaliação útil

    3 pessoas acharam esta avaliação útil

    3 de 3 acharam esta avaliação útil

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    Sweet and Christmasy

    I read the second book in this series first and the glimpses of Gabby and Owen made me want to read this book so much. Gabby and Owen are best friends and next door neighbors. When Owen tells his family that he can't come home for Christmas because he doesn't want to leave his new girlfriend, his family decides to come to him. Now he needs a girlfriend to introduce to his family so he convinces Gabby to fake a relationship. If she does this for him, he'll trade apartments with her, since his is the better space for an artist like her. Friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes because the foundation of the relationship is already so strong but the main characters just need to get over the "will we ruin our friendship by pursuing this" angst. I absolutely loved this story and the connection between Owen and Gabby. As best friends, it's interesting how these opposites can make their friendship work but as they cross the line into more, their differences just show how much they balance each other. I love this series and can't wait to move on to book three! *This is my voluntary review of a advanced reader copy*
  • 2 pessoa achou esse avaliação útil

    2 pessoas acharam esta avaliação útil

    2 de 2 acharam esta avaliação útil

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    This is a wonderfully done friends to lovers story with a fake girlfriend twist that just leaves you smiling. It's clean and sweet with great writing and characters. Gabby and Owen are so cute together and the interaction with Owen's family is so fun. As the relationship and feelings start to turn from pretend to real, the fear of losing the friendship they have becomes overwhelming. Putting it on the line might be a risk neither is willing to take. This one is set around the Christmas holiday so it's perfect for this time of year. Definitely a recommended read.
  • 0 pessoa achou esse avaliação útil

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    Pretty good read

    Nice story, great build up, however, ending paled a little in comparison to the rest of the story. Overall a very cute story.
  • 0 pessoa achou esse avaliação útil

    0 pessoas acharam esta avaliação útil

    0 de 0 acharam esta avaliação útil

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    Good love story

    I really enjoyed the story. I like when friends help each other out & their true feelings come out. The storyline was great.

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