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    Long, depressing, and protracted book!

    No Place to Hide by Susan Lewis tells the story of Justine Cantrell and what happened to her family. The book starts out in present day with Justine and daughter, Tallulah (prefers Lula) arriving in Culver, Indiana. They are starting over in a new place, new last name, and new country. Justine felt she had to get away and start over. She picked the city where her grandmother used to live before she passed away and where Justine spent a couple of summers when she was young. Her husband, Matt is still living in England. The book then goes back eighteen years to tell how Justine and Matt met. We get to find out how they find the perfect home in Chippingly Vale (in the UK) and started their family. Justine and Matt had a little girl named Abby and a son named Ben. Lula was not born until the other two children were teenagers. Matt is a writer whose books ended up being turned into video games. Justine started a deli and then a catering company. Things started going wrong after Ben hit his head on the ground getting out of a tree (he was coming down at the same time as Abby). The story tells of the families’ great tragedy and the long road to recovery. You have to read through half the book before we find out about the tragedy (you will guess what it is while reading the book). I did not enjoy reading this book. I like to read books for pleasure and this was like watching a news special (those hour long specials on news events). The writer takes forever getting to the actual event (just when you are ready to chuck the book across the room). The story was long and protracted. I give No Place to Hide 2 out of 5 stars. It is a very depressing book (do not read this on a rainy day or you will really be in the dumps). I do want to note that there is an extreme amount of foul language in this book. I received a complimentary copy of No Place to Hide from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The review and opinions expressed are my own.

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