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    Not My Favorite, But...

    Six words. Just six little words. That's all that it takes for Honey Carmichael to convince Blake Dempsey to help her with her little problem. Six words, one night, then done. No re-dos, no regrets. Or so they think... I have never read a book by Marie Force that I did not love. I mean, her books are all typically 5-star reads for me. So I'm a little bit sad to have say that her latest, SEX MACHINE, was just not my favorite book of hers. I didn't dislike the characters or the story per se, but I just never reached the point that I usually do with Marie's books where everything just clicks. Don't get me wrong, Blake's past was certainly enough to mess anyone up, but I got a little bit impatient with his inability to move on, and his tendency to relegate everything to the physical. The relationship that develops between him and Honey is much more than that, and that he can so easily waffle when things get tough irked me. Part of the problem, I think, is that I'm used to seeing Marie write characters that are a little bit more mature, and ones that approach difficulties with a desire to work through them, rather then just throw up their hands and give up. So, while I love Marie, and will continue to read any and everything that she writes, I have to say that this book just did not resonate with me the way that I had hoped and expected. And although I am giving SEX MACHINE 3.5 stars, I look forward to Marie's next books, because she rocks.
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    Emotional and heartbreaking

    SEX MACHINE by Marie Force is a sexy, stand alone, contemporary adult, erotic, romance story line focusing on construction company owner Blake Dempsey, and professional photographer Honey Carmichael. Told from dual first person points of view (Honey and Blake) SEX MACHINE focuses on the friends to lovers relationship between life-long friends photographer Honey Carmichael, and construction worker Blake Dempsey. Years earlier, Blake lost his high school girlfriend Jordan in a fatal vehicle accident and in the ensuing time he has buried his guilt with one-night stands and too many women to remember. His reputation as a ‘sex machine’ is not without merit as he is a man with more to offer than most. Enter Honey Carmichael who makes Blake an offer he cannot refuse using six words that grab Blake’s attention immediately-Blake’s reputation as a ‘sex machine’ has our heroine wanting a piece of the action knowing that her heart will break when all is said and done. Blake is broken; a damaged soul who has spent years wallowing in guilt for an accident that wasn’t his fault but to his friends and family our hero has struggled with the grief believing himself responsible. Throughout the story line the reader is pulled into the mind of a man determined to punish himself including pushing away the woman he has loved for most of his life believing he doesn’t deserve happiness when Jordan lays dead in the ground. The grief is overwhelming and the author ensures the reader feels the hero’s emotions and inability to let go of the past throughout most of the story. Honey Carmichael is a woman who has ‘dated’ most of the men in town, but Blake is the man who calls to heart- a heart that knows Blake’s life was shattered years before. When Blake offers one-night only, Honey isn’t prepared for the overwhelming emotions that threaten to destroy a friendship she has cherished most of her life. The relationship between Honey and Blake is a friends to lovers romance; a highly sexual relationship where Honey discovers that Blake likes a little kink in the bedroom and is willing to offer herself up to the man with whom she has fallen in love. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic, seductive and graphic. We are introduced to Honey’s best friend Lauren- the local florist shop owner, as well as Blake’s bud Garrett- a man who has more than a passing interest in Lauren; and Matt and Julie whose own family is about to expand. I am hoping Marie writes a story for Lauren and Garrett. The epilogue fast forwards the story line approximately one year wherein we get a glimpse into the future. SEX MACHINE is an emotional and heartbreaking story about grief and understanding; about friendship and love where two passionate people struggle with the fall out of guilt and letting go of the past. The premise is intimate, hopeful and provocative yet predictable; the characters are vibrant and energetic; the romance is captivating and intense.
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    Smokin' Good Laugh Out Loud Read!

    Was hooked from the first sentence! Marie always know how to make you laugh, then cry then leave you a little (make that a lot) hot and bothered. She's an automatic buy for me! Hope she continues and makes Marfa a series. I'm already curious about Honey's best friend Lauren.
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    Although this book, along with so many, is very predictable, I loved it from start to finish. A little twist left me wanting more!
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    Unique surprise sexiness! Oozing tantalizing heat!

    Its no secret I'm obsessed with ALL Marie's books, have yet to graze my eyes in one of her stories that I didn't love with all my heart. Might be why I screamed with overwhelming joy to read her newest standalone in 5 years! Oh boy and this one is oozing with sexy tantalizing heat! The first line "I want you to F&%$ me" .... very first words you read! As always Marie puts her magical twists into every book creating a fantastic story & plot. Adding serious unique surprises of steamy sexiness, some down & dirty sexual play, mixed tensions, passion & heart along with a fun upbeat story of a small town, childhood friends, and of course a bit of tragedy. The raw connection with the characters sets this steamy romance novel out of its league. This is a must read, cant put down, massive page turner!

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