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    Wonderful Amish Story

    Martha has a problem. She knows she should be thinking about finding a husband and she's ready for that, but she feels pressured from the young men in her community. She wants to find her match on her own terms, but things seem to keep getting in her way. Seth is also not ready to find a spouse. He is more interested in his wood carving that he's trying to perfect to maybe go into business. He is also dealing with some family issues that I won't go into. I don't want to give too much away. He's just in a place in his life where he doesn't have time nor or the desire to settle down. A new family arrives in town to start an inn. Loren, Delilah (Loren's mom), Nina (Loren's daughter) and Levi (Loren's son) all live together and start working on the business and building a new life in Birch Creek. Delilah immediately wants to set up Nina and Levi with possible spouses. Delilah thinks Nina should start a relationship with Seth and that Martha might be good match for Martha. But, Martha isn't ready to be attached to Levi and Nina isn't ready to be hooked up with Seth. So, Martha and Seth hatch a plan. If they can just put the idea out there that they are interested in each other, even though they aren't, it may just keep everyone off their backs. What could go wrong? So great when you get a book and find out it's part of a series. Am I right? The Farmer's Bride is the second book after The Teacher's Bride. Now, you don't have to read the first one, but, personally, I recommend it. I enjoyed seeing appearances by characters in this book that I knew from the first. I enjoyed this book so much. I loved the story, the dialogue, the characters and the writing style. Honestly, I think it would be a great movie.
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    A lovely story!

    The Farmer’s Bride is the second delightful book in An Amish Brides of Birch Creek series. I recommend reading The Teacher’s Bride first. It gives you the backstory on Cevilla and Richard, the town and how Chris and Ruby came to be together. I thought The Farmer’s Bride was well-written (as are all of Kathleen Fuller’s books) and it proceeded at a steady pace. It has charming characters and a lovely setting (I would like to live in Birch Creek). I thought the characters were realistic and I could feel their emotions plus their struggles. Cevilla Schlabach is a hoot. She gets an idea into her head and there is no stopping her. Richard is the perfect companion for Cevilla, and his comments are humorous. It will be interesting to see if Richard can give up his modern conveniences. Cevilla meets her match when Delilah Stoll moves to town. Delilah is a determined woman who steamrolls over anyone who gets in the way of her goal. Delilah and Cevilla butting heads had me chuckling. I liked how Martha enjoyed learning new things (like tying nautical knots) and working on puzzles. I completely agreed with the comment “There’s something gratifying about completing a challenge”. I had to smile when I heard soda referred to as “pop”. I had not heard that phrase since I lived in Ohio (I got teased for using it when I first moved to Florida). It was hot in Birch Creek (like it currently is in Florida) and I could relate to Cevilla saying it is “hotter than a pat of butter melting in a frying pan”. The Christian elements are beautifully incorporated into the story with emphasis on having a strong faith, relying on God, forgiveness of others and oneself, and the importance of prayer. The Farmer’s Bride is an amusing Amish tale that I did not want to end (but then I was eager to see how it ended). I am impatiently waiting for the release of the next An Amish Brides of Birch Creek Novel to revisit Birch Creek and see what is in store for Selah Ropp.

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