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  • 5 pessoas acharam esta crítica útil

    5 pessoas acharam esta avaliação útil

    5 de 5 acharam esta avaliação útil

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    Story With A Twist

    We have an excellent writer with a story line with a twist. Verity Long stands her fiancée up at the alter but he deserves it. The not mother-in-law wants restitution for an elaborate reception to the tune of $20,000. Verity ends up selling off parts of her heritage but the twist develops the day of the yard sale. The vase which is an urn has the remains of a relative of her ex. She spreads some of the ashes in her yard and now is able to see ghosts. In her pursuit to pay off the big debt the ghost helps her find some money which could pay off her reception debt. She gives the money to the rightful owner and borrows some to delay having to sell her home. The twist gets better when the savior to help paying off her debt comes in the form of her exes older brother who is the sheriff. I love the beginning of the twist and I am ecstatic that next part of the twist leads to romance. The ghost is helpful and funny. Lucy is tiny but cute and the story is awesome!
  • 2 pessoas acharam esta crítica útil

    2 pessoas acharam esta avaliação útil

    2 de 2 acharam esta avaliação útil

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    Yippee! How I felt at the end of the story

    ►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►► Note: I was given an advance copy of this from the author in exchange for a honest review. ►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►► The Haunted Heist, Book #2 of the Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries by Angie Fox Welcome back to Sugarland and another interesting and ghostly mystery. Some great twist and turns and if not a surprise ending (it's something that had to happen sooner or later, and that's as much of spoiler you're getting). I love the characters... they're believable, whether they're mortal or ghost. Snarky ghosts, you got to love 'em. For the storyline, look elsewhere, just know that it flowed and held my interest. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't minded sex scenes, but it's just nice to have more of the book to build the story and get to know the characters better. For this story got some smooching, a kiss here and there, but really you don't miss the sex scenes because the story's well written. Now I'm not big on mysteries, this is one of the few that I enjoy. The book does have an ending, but will continue to the next book... but as far as this story goes, it does end. Can't wait to see where the series goes from here, got a feeling it's going to be fun!
  • 1 pessoas acharam esta crítica útil

    1 pessoas acharam esta avaliação útil

    1 de 1 acharam esta avaliação útil

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    OMG what a read!

    OMG what a great read!!! I'm a HUGE fan of this series but this one just blows the other two out of the water. I mean seriously. I love Ellis and Verity.....I want to be part of their world. I love the whole story with this one. If you love a great mystery with romance, fun, heat, some awesome characters and plenty of twists you'll want this one on your bookshelf, or rather in your hand NOW. I can't wait to see what the future brings. Lucy, the skunk is just such a treat, she's a character in and of herself. One you'll love. I'm not normally a fan of 1st person writing but Angie Fox makes it fun and easy to read. She also makes me WANT to be Verity so reading in 1st person is somehow perfect for this series, especially this story. *sigh* Now I have to wait for the next book. Write faster Angie Fox!!! Write faster!!!!
  • 1 pessoas acharam esta crítica útil

    1 pessoas acharam esta avaliação útil

    1 de 1 acharam esta avaliação útil

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    Another cozy mystery

    What can I day, it's fun, funny, serious, romantic. Whimsical but somehow sort of makes sense. I would love to meet Lucy, the skunk. And Frankie the grumpy gangster.
  • 1 pessoas acharam esta crítica útil

    1 pessoas acharam esta avaliação útil

    1 de 1 acharam esta avaliação útil

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    Love the whole series... read them alll!!!

    I love this series.... I have read all that have been written... just waiting for the next one.. can't wait to see what the "phone call" was all about... love the characters... Verity and Ellis sound like they are going to be a wonderful couple and the gangster ghost Frankie is hilarious.... Hurry up and write the next book... can't wait to read it.......

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