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    Great Plots, Lots of Twists...

    This is the story of 6 women who went to university together and became good friends. 20+ years later they are still friends but the term 'friends' is perhaps used more loosely now. There are tragedies that bind them and secrets that divide them, and ultimately the intricacies, trials and inevitable strain of such a long-standing friendship is the focus of the story. On the whole I enjoyed it; I loved the plot, which was original and contained some pretty solid twists and 'big reveals'. I also loved the themes of friendship, regret, forgiveness, loyalty and betrayal, which were all prominent and well conveyed throughout. The pages did seemingly turn themselves, for the most part, so I found myself chewing through this book relatively quickly (which is a good sign for me!) HOWEVER the story itself was told from about 9 different perspectives spanning 2 different timelines and it jumps around quite a bit from chapter to chapter, so at times it can be really confusing. Normally I like books structured like this but I think there were just a few too many perspectives on this occasion. Couple that with a feeling that the main 6 characters were fairly one-dimensional and somewhat 'samey', I found that I had to flick back a few times just to remind myself who was who. Also, I would never have put these women in their forties - to me, even in the later timeline, they all still acted like pouty, insecure uni students, which was a little disappointing. It would've been nice to see a bit more growth than that. RATING: It took a while for me to get into the narrative (and to get my head around the host of characters) so I started off with a 2 star rating in mind, the middle section of the book started picking up pace and so I thought maybe it would be closer to a 3.5, or maybe even 4 star rating, but then the end slowed down and lost me a bit again (there were just too many stories to 'wrap up'), so I finally settled on a solid and well deserved 3 stars.

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