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eBooks sobre Linguagens de programação

Se você gosta de eBooks sobre Linguagens de programação, certamente vai adorar estas sugestões.
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  • Angular Design Patterns and Best Practices

    Create scalable and adaptable applications that grow to meet evolving user needs

    Unleash the full potential of Angular 17 to create more robust and feature-rich applications effortlesslyKey FeaturesBoost your Angular app development productivity by leveraging often-overlooked advanced features and best practicesEnhance the quality of your Angular applications by simplifying codeGain practical knowledge through real-world examples of advanced Angular features and design ... Leia mais

    R$ 152,99

  • Guia Prático de HTML5

    Dominar a linguagem HTML é um requisito básico para quem quer produzir conteúdos no mundo da web, tanto para fins profissionais como pessoais. Em sua versão mais recente, o HTML5, essa plataforma se tornou ainda mais poderosa. Por meio dela, webdesigners e programadores ao redor do mundo têm produzido sites cada ceda mais impressionante. Descubra como crias, por meio dessa linguagem, páginas ... Leia mais

    R$ 9,95

  • Programming .NET Components

    Design and Build .NET Applications Using Component-Oriented Programming

    de Juval Lowy ...
    Brilliantly compiled by author Juval Lowy, Programming .NET Components, Second Edition is the consummate introduction to the Microsoft .NET Framework--the technology of choice for building components on Windows platforms. From its many lessons, tips, and guidelines, readers will learn how to use the .NET Framework to program reusable, maintainable, and robust components.Following in the footsteps ... Leia mais

    R$ 69,89

  • Simplifying JavaScript

    Writing Modern JavaScript with ES5, ES6, and Beyond

    de Joe Morgan ...
    The best modern JavaScript is simple, readable, and predictable. Learn to write modern JavaScript not by memorizing a list of new syntax, but with practical examples of how syntax changes can make code more expressive. Starting from variable declarations that communicate intention clearly, see how modern principles can improve all parts of code. Incorporate ideas with curried functions, array ... Leia mais

    R$ 71,29

  • Spring 5 Design Patterns

    Learn various design patterns and best practices in Spring 5 and use them to solve common design problems.

    de Dinesh Rajput ...
    Learn various design patterns and best practices in Spring 5 and use them to solve common design problems.About This BookExplore best practices for designing an applicationManage your code easily with Spring's Dependency Injection patternUnderstand the benefits that the right design patterns can offer your toolkitWho This Book Is ForThis book is for developers who would like to use design patterns ... Leia mais

    R$ 170,19

  • Iron-Clad Java

    Building Secure Web Applications

    Series series Oracle Press
    Proven Methods for Building Secure Java-Based Web ApplicationsDevelop, deploy, and maintain secure Java applications using the expert techniques and open source libraries described in this Oracle Press guide. Iron-Clad Java presents the processes required to build robust and secure applications from the start and explains how to eliminate existing security bugs. Best practices for authentication, ... Leia mais

    R$ 150,19

  • Guia prático de TypeScript

    Melhore suas aplicações JavaScript

    Desenvolvido e mantido pela Microsoft, o TypeScript é um pré-processador open source de códigos JavaScript que auxilia na escrita de códigos, desde os mais simples até os mais complexos, utilizando tipagem de dados e os princípios da Orientação a Objetos para o desenvolvimento de aplicações front-end, back-end e mobile. Neste livro, Thiago da Silva Adriano abordará conceitos básicos do TypeScript, ... Leia mais

    R$ 49,90

  • Java 8 Preview Sampler

    In this exclusive eBook, preview excerpts from brand-new and forthcoming Oracle Press Java JDK 8 books. Written by leading Java experts, Oracle Press books offer the most definitive, complete, and up-to-date coverage of the latest Java release. Featuring an introduction by bestselling programming author Herb Schildt, this eBook includes chapters from the following Oracle Press books:Java: The ... Leia mais


  • What Is Node?

    Node.js. It’s the latest in a long line of “Are you cool enough to use me?” programming languages, APIs, and toolkits. In that sense, it lands squarely in the tradition of Rails, and Ajax, and Hadoop, and even to some degree iPhone programming and HTML5.Dig a little deeper, and you’ll hear that Node.js (or, as it’s more briefly called by many, simply “Node”) is a server-side solution for ... Leia mais


  • What Is HTML5?

    HTML5: Everyone’s using it, nobody knows what it is. I realize that sounds more like a line out of an existential movie — maybe Waiting for Godot or a screenplay by Sartre — than a statement about HTML5. But it’s really the truth: most of the people using HTML5 are treating it as HTML4+, or even worse, HTML4 (and some stuff they don’t use). The result? A real delay in the paradigm shift that HTML5 ... Leia mais


  • Java Start

    de André Campos ...
    O livro nasceu do seguinte paradoxo: Java é supostamente difícil de aprender mas é uma das linguagens mais utilizadas e requisitadas pelo mercado. Por isso, o objetivo do livro é ajudar o leitor a aprender a linguagem de maneira simples, fácil e fluída. Nada de infindáveis e complexas explicações técnicas. É direto ao ponto. Mas de forma didática. Outra importante característica deste livro é que ... Leia mais


  • (Part 1) Absolute Beginner: Java 4 Selenium WebDriver: Come Learn How To Program For Automation Testing

    de Rex Jones II ...
    Are You Interested in Selenium WebDriver?This is one of the best Java books specifically for SeleniumNote: Book available on your tablet, phone, PC, Mac, and paperback (Black/White & Color). The eBook Edition is free.3 Tips To Master Selenium Within 30 DaysCopy and paste this URL into your browser to receive your tipsWhy You Will Like Part 1 – Java 4 Selenium ... Leia mais


  • PHP MySQL Development of Login Modul: 3 hours Easy Guide

    This book was written and printed as an easy reference for Information Technology and Computer Science student who are currently in the midst of developing and designing their final year project in any Higher Learning Institution especially Polytechnic Malaysia. It consists of PHP and MySQL programming in which both are the core element in creating and developing the system.This book / e-book also ... Leia mais


  • What's New in Java 7

    Java 7 has a number of features that will please developers. Madhusudhan Konda provides an overview of these, including strings in switch statements, multi-catch exception handling, try-with-resource statements, the new File System API, extensions of the JVM, support for dynamically-typed languages, and the fork and join framework for task parallelism. ... Leia mais


  • The Minimum You Need to Know About Java and xBaseJ

    de Roland Hughes ...
    Tutorial book which teaches Java programmers how to use the xBaseJ library to create and access files in XBASE/DBASE format. ... Leia mais


  • A Book For Young Programmers On Scratch.

    de Denis Golikov ...
    How the book was created.I am 39 years old. My background is in Computer Engineering, not in Programming. My son, Artem, got into programming on Scratch at 7 years of age. I started looking for books on Scratch on the Internet for children of 7-9 years old, but I could not find anything. All Scratch textbooks are for 11-13 years old children, though there is nothing difficult in Scratch. Having ... Leia mais


  • Python: Programming for Advanced: Learn the Fundamentals of Python in 7 Days

    de Micheal Knapp ...
    Do you want to learn Python in an easy and faster way?Start learning Python right Now!Welcome to this training for the Kindle book Python for Advanced! You have made it to where you are able to tell what everything in python is and you know what you need to do in order to make it work for what you want it to do.It is not always going to be easy to use python, but by knowing what to do in certain ... Leia mais

    R$ 49,99

  • The Past, Present, and Future of JavaScript

    What’s next for JavaScript? Its phenomenal rise from a simple client-side scripting tool to a versatile and flexible programming language exceeded everyone’s expectations. Now, hopes and expectations for JavaScript’s future are considerable.In this insightful report, Dr. Axel Rauschmayer explains how the combination of several technologies and opportunities in the past 15 years turned JavaScript’s ... Leia mais


  • The Problem with Native JavaScript APIs

    Many features inspired by popular JavaScript libraries are now available as native JavaScript APIs in today’s powerful browsers. While that may seem convenient given all of the JavaScript you need to write, relying on these APIs will only make code maintenance more difficult in the long run.In this report, Nicholas Zakas—consultant and former front-end tech leader at Yahoo!—provides a case study ... Leia mais


  • Python: Programming for Intermediates: Learn the Fundamentals of Python in 7 Days

    de Michael Knapp ...
    Do you want to learn Python in an easy and fast way?Start learning Python right Now!This book is going to go more in depth than the previous beginner's book did in showing you how you can use Python to its fullest advantage.In the beginner's book, you learned some of the basic functions of Python and the various pieces of code that you are going to be able to input into Python so that you can make ... Leia mais

    R$ 49,99

  • Exam Ref 70-480 Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 (MCSD)

    de Rick Delorme ...
    Series series Exam Ref
    Prepare for Microsoft Exam 70-480—and help demonstrate your real-world mastery of programming with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. Designed for experienced developers ready to advance their status, Exam Ref focuses on the critical-thinking and decision-making acumen needed for success at the Microsoft Specialist level.Focus on the expertise measured by these objectives:Implement and manipulate ... Leia mais

    R$ 129,39

  • C Programming Language, A Step By Step Beginner's Guide To Learn C Programming In 7 Days.

    Are You Ready To Learn C?C Programming Language introduces you to the most commonly used programming language, one that has been the basis for many other versions over the years. It is a great book, not just for beginning programmers, but also for computer users who would want to have an idea what is happening behind the scenes as they work with various computer programs.In this book, you are ... Leia mais


  • Python Programming: Your Step By Step Guide To Easily Learn Python in 7 Days

    Learning Python Programming in 7 days is possible, although it might not look like it's easy at first, especially if you are someone with meager experience in dealing with a programming language. As you learn, you will see that it is not that difficult to understand, and it becomes easier when you add patience, diligence, and discipline.This book has all the materials that you need in learning ... Leia mais

    R$ 49,99

  • NestJS

    Do Zero até a primeira API

    O livro 'NestJS: Do Zero a Primeira API' é uma introdução completa ao framework NestJS. Ele começa ensinando os conceitos básicos da arquitetura e do funcionamento do NestJS, permitindo que os leitores construam sua primeira API simples. ... Leia mais