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  • Safer Better Dividend Investing


    de Ian MacDonald ...
    Ian Duncan Macdonald's last investment book, "Income and Wealth From Self-Directed Investing introduced investors to a formual for investment success."Build your portfolio with 20 stocks of financially strong companies from diversified industries paying a dividend of 6% or greater."Not only does such a portfolio deliver a generous dividend income but you will the total value of your portfolio grow ... Read more

    R$ 41,73

  • Location of Love

    série ISBN 978-0-578-55711-3 #47653
    An adult erotic story of real estate and female submission along with a growing and intense true love.The story takes place in a major city, that could be any city around the world, but happens to be a midwester city in the United States. The main characters are really in love at first sight, but slowly play on each others strong desires for one another. Charlie Harcourt allows himself to bend to ... Read more

    R$ 98,99

  • Supermarket Love Affair & Three Short Stories

    série 978-0-578-59048-6
    Four very different stories of love in its various forms. The first, supermarket love affair is between two widowed middle aged people who are both looking for a change in the direction of their lives. They are attracted to one another by chance, each actually perusing the other. They enjoy each others company as they embark on a life together. The second story involves two physically different ... Read more

    R$ 464,49

  • Lady Bits (P***y) #019 - Sammy's Shaven Glory Hole

    本物のハードコア アクション

    série Pussy #19
    Lady Bits (Pussy) - Volume #019 - Sammy's Shaven Glory Hole.This series gives you what you want “P***Y”.NO half dressed pictures, ALL Photos show Naked P***Y!!And a lot in close up for you to RELAX! over!!No Bullshit!, just a Naked Girl Showing P***y!!This one is all about Sammy and she has a fantastic P***y !Enjoy!! (45 Pics of naked bliss!!) ... Read more

    R$ 7,18

  • Legina レジーナ Vol.019


    série 台湾美女のパンスト美脚写真誌 #19
    台灣原創絲襪美腿主題寫真麻豆Name:LynnT:171cmB:82cmDW:58cmH:87cmFeet:24.5cm內容性感短旗袍+黑絲襪女高生+黑絲襪OL裝+膚絲襪 ... Read more

    R$ 55,72

  • The Ghost in The Shell - The Human Algorithm Capítulo 019

    série The Ghost in The Shell #17
    O sinistro Urso volta a aparecer e um ataque surpresa pode complicar ainda mais as coisas em New Port. The Ghost in the Shell - The Human Algorithm Capítulo 19 dá sequência à história do original de Shirow Masamune. ... Read more

    R$ 4,90

  • Edens Zero Capítulo 019

    de Hiro Mashima ...
    série Edens Zero #19
    Vilões misteriosos seguem caçando B-Cubers em nome de Sister! Algo parece fora do lugar e Shiki descobre que os sequestradores estão a caminho do planeta Gilst, uma pista que pode levá-los ao paradeiro de Rebecca. Acompanhe as aventuras do novo capítulo de Edens Zero com páginas coloridas especiais. ... Read more

    R$ 2,90

  • Pep Digital Vol. 019: Archie & Friends Back 2 School Special

    série Pep Digital #19
    Hit the books with Archie, Jughead, and the rest of the gang! The school year is just starting, and so is the drama. But for all the homework, detention, and fashion faux pas, there are also new friends, adventures, and exciting opportunities! Let the students of Riverdale High give you some back-to-school survival tips in this 100+ page digital exclusive! ... Read more

    R$ 5,16

  • SCJA Exam Certification Exam Preparation Course in a Book for Passing the SCJA CX-310-019 Exam - The How To Pass on Your First Try Certification Study Guide

    Sun Certified Java Associate certification exam provides ideal entry into an application development or a software project management career using Java technologies. This worldwide recognized certification credential validates basic knowledge of Object-Oriented Concepts, UML representation of Object-Oriented concepts, Java programming language, and general knowledge of Java Platforms and ... Read more

    R$ 89,99

  • Regime Jurídico das Parcerias das Organizações da Sociedade Civil e a Administração Pública - Lei no 13.019/14

    Este livro é um manual de consulta para entender melhor as novas regras de parcerias entre entidades agora chamadas de Organizações da Sociedade Civil e a Administração Pública direta e indireta de todas as esferas, de acordo com a Lei no 13.019/14, denominadaMarco Regulatório das Organizações da Sociedade Civil. ... Read more

    R$ 20,90

  • eBook Erotik 019: Sandy

    de Iris Berg ...
    - eine erotische Geschichte von Iris Berg: Sandy einmal ganz ehrlich. Das ist sie ja nicht immer - ehrlich. Es braucht ja niemand zu wissen, was so in ihrem hüschen Kopf alles vorgeht. Sie behält es lieber für sich, auch gegenüber ihrem Herbert. Außer - gegenüber uns! ________________________________________ Kurzporträt der Autorin: Iris Berg ist das Pseudonym einer Münchner Journalistin, die ... Read more

    R$ 4,90

  • FreeCAD 0.19 Black Book

    The FreeCAD 0.19 Black Book is the 2nd edition of our series on FreeCAD. This book is written to help beginners in creating some of the most complex solid models. The book follows a step by step methodology. In this book, we have tried to give real-world examples with real challenges in designing. We have tried to cover most of the topics utilized in industries for designing. The book covers ... Read more

    R$ 194,99