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    3.5 stars-Wished the romance was more powerful

    Going Overboard is the fifth in the Anchor Point series. I started this series a bit late, beginning with the audiobooks, and have ended up jumping around a little with the reading order. Luckily, even though there’s often some overlap of characters between books, the Anchor Point series can be read as standalones or out of order without issue. Going Overboard proved to be a bit harder for me to rate. I ended up liking the military story more than the romance, but still enjoyed Miss Witt’s energetic pacing and the detailed storyline that’s different from most military romances. When I started this book, I was really excited Chris and Dalton were long-time friends. Friends to lovers is a favorite trope of mine because the chance for a strong, palpable connection is so high. While I definitely liked how well the men knew each other and felt that allowed their relationship to develop quicker without feeling rushed, I didn’t quite feel the chemistry radiating between them. That isn’t to say I didn’t like the characters. I did, and I enjoyed the overall story. I simply think the intensity of the military storyline following Dalton’s accident actually ended up overshadowing the romance in Going Overboard, and I was more caught up in what would happen with Chris and Dalton’s careers and the investigation than with them as a couple. What I love about this series is that it’s different than many military romances I have read. Once again, I was impressed at how well the author details the military elements, keeping things realistic for those familiar with military life while explaining elements of a career in the armed forces clearly enough to ensure the characters and situations are relatable to all readers. Although Going Overboard wasn’t my favorite of the Anchor Point series, I did really enjoy it and will certainly continue with the series going forward. *Reviewed for Alpha Book Club*
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    Sexy, sweet, and emotional!

    Going Overboard is a steamy friends-to-more romance that takes you back to NAS Adams and introduces you to second-class petty officer Dalton Taylor, a confident, young sailor who finds himself on the cusp of losing his career, his life, and the one he adores, as well as fellow second-class petty officer Chris Ingram who may finally have to risk it all to have the one he secretly yearns. The writing is lighthearted and provocative. The characters are devoted, driven, and supportive. And the plot, from start to finish, is filled to the brim with life, love, friendship, family, longing, angst, drama, military politics and tantalizing romance. Going Overboard is the fifth novel in the Anchor Point series and is certainly another spicy, entertaining, enjoyable military romance by Witt that highlights her exceptional knowledge into the pressures, challenges, and expectations of Navy life.

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