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    TIL DEATH DO US PARTY by Vickie Fee

    TIL DEATH DO US PARTY by Vickie Fee is fourth book in the A Liv And Di In Dixie Mystery series. It’s the story of Liz McKay’s blended family and their adventures while in Las Vegas for Mama & Earl’s upcoming wedding. As an event planner, Liz had planned her Mom and Earl’s upcoming elaborate wedding. With a last minute venue change, Earl pays to fly the entire wedding party to Las Vegas for an Elvis themed wedding at the Burning Love Wedding Chapel. Once in Vegas, they reconnect with Liz’s cousin, Little Junior, who is an Elvis impersonator. He becomes their unofficial tour guide in his full time job of driving a taxi. All seems to be going smooth until the wedding, when the Elvis impersonating minister drops death just as Mama is walking down the aisle. While investigating the death, the police arrest Little Junior for poisoning the minister. All thoughts of the wedding are put on hold while they concentrate their efforts to find evidence to spring Little Junior from hoosegow. Mama asked Liz to find the proof using the sleuthing skills she has used in the past. Finding out about the people involved, leads them to doing the leg work to eliminate or add people to their suspect list. In the end, they all play a part in finding the evidence to approach the police with. During all their escapades, Liz is trying to deal with a 50th graduation anniversary party back at home via phone call with her associate to solve the continual problems that arise. Junior, Little Junior’s Dad, is hospitalized with a possible heart attack from the stress of his son being imprisoned. They still have to find a venue for her Mama’s wedding so Earl and her can tie the knot. Di, Liz’s friend, is dancing with danger by spending time with her rotten ex risking her possible now relationship with Dave. Liz has to find a way to get her sister to accept her Mama’s wedding to Earl. Can they find the evidence needed to free Little Junior? Who can they trust and who is not telling the truth? Once they find evidence, will the police listen to them? Will proving their theory lead to another murder? Will Mama and Earl tie the knot and if so where? TIL DEATH DO US PARTY is a wonderfully written cozy that will have you guessing and second guessing whodunit along with Liz. Yes there is a murder and it’s a huge part of the story, but getting to know Liz and her family and friends will have you rubbing your head one moment and then laughing the next. What a wonderful and colorful group of people to be all one extended family tree! Recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a fun read. I will be recommending it to my friends. It can definitely be read as a standalone although part of a series.
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    Dixie Meets Sin City

    When Liv McKay and the clan head to Vegas for Mamma and Earl’s wedding, all bets are off when the Elvis themed minister drops dead before the vows are taken. When the death is declared a murder and Little Junior becomes the prime suspect, Liv and Di do their thing and try to find the true murderer. This has all the Vegas kitsch in it with buffets, a weddings, an Elvis themed wedding chapel, casinos, ex husbands, and new loves. A fun read with the crew from Dixie in Sin City..
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    Best of a deligthful series.

    I have loved this series from the beginning, and Til Death Do Us Party is my favorite. The writing alone pulls me into the page until I forget where I am, but it is the characters that draw me back over and over. Reading one of these books is like sliding into a gathering of friends but this get together is for family wedding! Miss Betty and Daddy Wayne accompany Earl and Mama in addition to Liv, Larry Joe, Di, and David to make Mama’s wedding a real family event. Liv is perfectly comfortable in her role as a small-town event planner, wife of Larry Joe, daughter of a very strong opinionated woman and friend of many. Investigating murders might not be her first choice of sidelines but when people she cares for are involved, she just can’t help herself. Di isn’t as comfortable with some aspects of her life, but she is just as avid as Liv is about belonging and helping out their friends. I would like for her and David to decide what their relationship would be but they have both had some tough stuff in the past and are extremely independent. At the same time, they are too drawn to each other to give up. This time the hurdle that creates strain is a ghost from Di’s past! When Liv’s cousin Little Junior was first introduced, I wasn’t pleased that a physically small guy was called Little even though I am used to the custom. When I discovered that he was an Elvis impersonator, I just waited for the laughs. I should have trusted Vickie Fee. He may be small in stature but he is a big person and I came to love him just as Liv and Mama do. There were plenty of laughs but none at his expense. It took a while to get to the mystery but I enjoyed every minute of the celebration preceding the investigation as much as I enjoyed the mystery and the delightful wrap-up that followed the reveal. I kept jumping around trying to figure out who the murderer was because several people seemed reasonable. Til Death Do Us Party has left me looking forward to the next book even more than usual. I was thrilled to receive an ARC of this book and will be sharing my love of it every chance I get.

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