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vampire cheerleaders in space…and time?!

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  • Vampire Cheerleaders in Space...and Time?!

    series Vampire Cheerleaders #4
    Monster hunter Stephanie Kane is missing, spirited away to parts unknown by the mysterious Mothmen to be their new queen. Her werewolf kid sister Katie Kane teams up with former vampire thrall and geek-supreme Leonard Duvall, not to mention bat-brained vampire cheerleader Suki Taft, as they hurtle through the very time stream itself on a quest to save Stephanie Kane. Witness as the past, present, ... Read more

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  • Vampire Cheerleaders Vol. 1

    series Vampire Cheerleaders #1
    VAMPIRE CHEERLEADERS The Bakertown High School cheerleading squad has a secret: behind all their pretty makeup and short skirts are five hungry vampires who sure know how to show their school spirit! When one of their own turns up missing, the vampire cheerleaders have no other choice but to induct one of the eleventh grade girls from ‘B Squad’ into their vixenous ranks. Siring new recruit Heather ... Read more

    $4.98 CAD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Vampire Cheerleaders Must Die!

    series Vampire Cheerleaders #3
    For months, Lori Thurston and her coven of vampire cheerleaders have operated under the radar within the halls of Bakertown High School. As well-intentioned vampires with lots of school spirit, they live by a code of honor: they never feed from fellow students, they never drink more than two pints of blood from the same victim at one time, and most importantly...they never, ever kill. Upon ... Read more

    $6.23 CAD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Vampire Cheerleaders Vol. 2

    series Vampire Cheerleaders #2
    After months of hard work and practice, the vampire cheerleaders of Bakertown High travel to Las Vegas where they hope to win the national cheerleading championships. But things quickly go awry when team captain Lori Thurston turns up missing after a wild night on the town with her teammates. With no time to find their missing captain, the vampire cheerleaders must restructure their routine before ... Read more

    $4.98 CAD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Genesis in Space and Time

    Genesis is a book of orgins--the orgin of the universe, the origin of life and the origin of man. It places man in his cosmic setting, shows his particular uniquness, explains his wonder and his flaw, and begins to trace the flow of human history through space and time. Many today, however, view this book as a collection of myths, useful for understanding the Hebrew mind, perhaps, but vertainly ... Read more

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  • Extra Dimensions in Space and Time

    series Multiversal Journeys
    In physics, the idea of extra spatial dimensions originates from Nordstöm’s 5-dimensional vector theory in 1914, followed by Kaluza-Klein theory in 1921, in an effort to unify general relativity and electromagnetism in a 5 dimensional space-time (4 dimensions for space and 1 for time). Kaluza–Klein theory didn’t generate enough interest with physicist for the next five decades, due to its problems ... Read more

    $130.39 CAD

  • Air In Space And Time

    by Shane Ervin ...
    Take a journey though space and time. In this poetic venture by Shane Ervin. ... Read more

    $3.99 CAD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • The Science of Star Trek

    The Scientific Facts Behind the Voyages in Space and Time

    by Mark Brake ...
    series The Science of
    Boldly go where no man has gone before and discover the real science behind the cyborgs, starships, aliens, and antimatter of the Star Trek galaxy.Star Trek is one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time. It has changed our cultural landscape in so many ways since it first aired in 1966. The franchise has generated billions of dollars in revenue, leading to a wide range of spin-off ... Read more

    $14.99 CAD


  • Mapping COVID-19 in Space and Time

    Understanding the Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of a Global Pandemic

    series Human Dynamics in Smart Cities
    This book describes the spatial and temporal perspectives on COVID-19 and its impacts and deepens our understanding of human dynamics during and after the global pandemic. It critically examines the role smart city technologies play in shaping our lives in the years to come. The book covers a wide-range of issues related to conceptual, theoretical and data issues, analysis and modeling, and ... Read more

    $130.39 CAD

  • Photographing the Deep Sky

    Images in Space and Time

    by Chris Baker ...
    Spectacular nebulae where stars are born, beautiful star clusters from the early formation of the Milky Way, and galaxies as far as a billion light years away, all feature in this book of stunning images from astrophotographer Chris Baker.The author takes the reader on a journey through time and space to the Deep Sky, far beyond our Solar System. It is a pictorial description of the awe-inspiring ... Read more

    $8.69 CAD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Consolationscapes in the Face of Loss

    Grief and Consolation in Space and Time

    series Routledge Studies in Human Geography
    Human beings are grieving animals. ‘Consolation’, or an attempt to assuage grief, is an age-old response to loss which has various expressions in different cultural contexts. Over the past century, consolation has dropped off the West’s cultural radar. The contributions to this volume highlight this neglect of consolation in popular and academic discourses and explore the usefulness of the concept ... Read more

    $48.89 CAD

  • "Elaytay's Adventures in Space and time"

    "We Came to Visit"

    Travel along with Elaytay while she and her crew explore other planetary bodies. Meet strange peoples of other worlds and find bizarre animals, while they help solve planetary problems. Experience the joys, horrors, love and dangers as the main character.With all the twists, and turns of space adventure, the strange peoples of other planets, and bizarre animals, it is a wonder she is around to ... Read more

    $4.99 CAD or Free with Kobo Plus