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  • Fenridge (The Ethereal Crossings, 2)

    by D.L. Miles ...
    Book 2 - The Ethereal Crossings
    Liv has been tormented for the past five weeks with fevers, mood swings, and a crushing disappointment. After the killings were solved she thought she would return to her old self, and go back to work not caring about much; but her fever won’t go away, and she’s actually started to black out from it. Not only that, Jared hasn’t contacted her, and Luke seems to be keeping a strange distance as well ... Read more

    $3.78 CAD

  • Shadeland (The Ethereal Crossings, 1)

    by D.L. Miles ...
    Book 1 - The Ethereal Crossings
    **Revised and updated for 2022!**One year after the designated “Eidolon Revolution” and all the other-world demons have been exposed, Liv Burnett is still the same, apathetic person she ever was. And when a woman dies in her home town, Liv doesn’t think anything of it, choosing to focus on more normal things. But soon Luke is thrown into jail on the sole reason that he isn’t human and has been ... Read more


  • Northcliffe (The Ethereal Crossings, 3)

    by D.L. Miles ...
    Book 3 - The Ethereal Crossings
    Liv feels as if her problems are pulling her apart. Her new transformation has left her with powers she doesn’t want. Jared has decided to stay in Ellengale, but has started to get annoyingly possessive of her. Luke is still vanishing into Shadeland, and his trips are getting longer. There are more attacks in town, and Liv’s older brother Neeson seems to be involved.Desperate for help, Liv ... Read more

    $3.82 CAD

  • The Howling Jade

    by D.L. Miles ...
    series The Monarchy
    A tsunami can be created from a single drop.Word has spread throughout the universe of a small planet free of Monarchy control. While Ren sits in negotiations with Commander Weild, fighting for Novae’s freedom, the planet is becoming overrun with visitors wanting their own glimpse of the supposedly lawless land. Ren and the people of Novae allow the tourists a bit of time on their planet, but soon ... Read more

    $3.81 CAD

  • Glenbrook (The Ethereal Crossings, #4)

    by D.L. Miles ...
    Book 4 - The Ethereal Crossings
    Luke is trapped in Shadeland, and there’s supposedly no way to get him out. Everyone is keeping their mouth shut, since something’s happening within the Eidolon world that they don’t want the humans knowing about. Not only that, Yamuna has escaped her prison on Glenbrook and SILC is at a loss for what to do. Agent Eyre warns Liv to stay out of it, but the secrets coupled with Luke's vanishing act ... Read more

    $3.77 CAD

  • Shimmering (The Dark Origins)

    by D.L. Miles ...
    Book 1 - The Dark Origins
    Ember Reed is a fifteen-year-old shape-shifter, a creature with the ability to transform into any animal, despite it’s shape or size. At least, she should be able to; Ember can’t quite change her entire form, only bits and pieces. This has earned her the nickname “sucky spook” at the Sagefall Recreation Center, a place where supernatural beings go for training.Living the life of an outcast, Ember ... Read more

    $1.25 CAD

  • Threads of Chaos

    by D.L. Miles ...
    “When the fate of one is changed, everything changes. One person changes everything.”Mercy Singer died five months ago, but the doctor’s managed to bring her back. And she was told by her new therapist that it was normal to think there was danger around every corner, and that seeing things was part of the healing process. What Mercy hasn’t told anyone is how vivid her dreams are, how it’s not ... Read more

    $2.55 CAD

  • Igniting (The Dark Origins)

    by D.L. Miles ...
    Book 2 - The Dark Origins
    The Dark Origins can be read in ANY order!Havenbrooke County has an unusually high number of sudden fires, strangely pinpoint accurate earthquakes, and a terrible percentage of out of school youths. Among all three statistics is Grace, a fifteen year old girl with an uncontrollable temper and knack for thieving. All her life she’s been tossed between foster homes, and always kicked out after a ... Read more

    $3.78 CAD

  • The Gifts of Hannah Best

    by D.L. Miles ...
    It takes a killer to reveal her purpose. To know a killer ensures her legacy.This book contains two stories featuring Hannah Best, and and how the childhood taunt of "it takes one to know one" has a hauntingly darker meaning to her than anyone else. It begins after killing a man that attempted to mug her, and Hannah is labeled a killer, even if it was an accident. The small town she grew up in now ... Read more

    $2.71 CAD

  • The Argent Star

    by D.L. Miles ...
    series The Monarchy
    Living on the last surviving island on Earth, Ren has put herself on the path to become an archaeologist. She’s defied her father’s wishes and gone out on her own, barely keeping in contact with him as he commands an army somewhere across the universe. And it was all going well until her brother Elian discovered a planet.Lost for centuries, Novae was thought to be a legend. It vanished years ago ... Read more


  • Astral Bodies

    by D.L. Miles ...
    series Astral Bodies
    There’s been a murder in Arrowood with only one witness, and she can’t come forward with any information because she technically wasn’t there.Twenty-year-old Tess has the ability to astral project, and while going for a midnight walk in the woods she stumbles across a ritual murder. Not only that, the killer was actually able to see her when nobody else could.After leaving an anonymous tip with ... Read more

    $3.79 CAD

  • Violet 24 (A Goderich Girl Novella)

    by D.L. Miles ...
    series Goderich Girl
    A lullaby is supposed to be calming, but when Gwen Weaver hears it coming from a top hat in the local park, surrounded by kids, all she can do is grab them and run. The signature is chilling to anyone who knows where it’s from; the Roundabout Bomber of the eighties. After he vanished in 1991, it seems like he’s back in Gwen’s little town of Goderich, and he’s after the children. But when the ... Read more

    $1.26 CAD