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  • The Coffin Trader

    When a bellhop at a New York hotel is found murdered in a young teacher’s tiny office at a backwoods Connecticut college, she can’t offer the police any connection between her and the dead man. A week later, she finds a canvas bag in the staff room fridge. Inside it are two scraps of brittle paper and a gold bar stamped with an eagle and swastika cross – Hitler’s logo. If the crest is real, then ... Read more


  • Tha Path of Silence - 4-Book Boxset

    The Path of SilenceMeg Stanton rides a desk in the cold case unit with the Baltimore PD. Her day starts like any other—with parent-child struggles, a dire need for a large coffee and a partner who is a conglomerate of neuroses. However, it ends like no other day…with a dead body on the hood of her partner’s car that signals a beginning of a strange journey of self-destructing bodies, all fitted ... Read more

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  • Ribbons of Death

    Book 1 - Peacetaker Series
    Myth...or more? Either way, the adventure spells danger for everyone involved.Three months after surviving a deadly riot in Cairo, Timothy Carter is compelled to track down Stella Hunter, a disgraced academic whose book could be the key to deciphering whether the legend of the Peacetaker is more than a dusty myth. She might be a recluse, and people think she’s crazy, but she’s his only hope to ... Read more

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  • The Warning Whistle

    Other than a truckload of names, distinguished ancestors, money, confidence and a smart mouth, Darius Henrietta Bryony Livingston Smith-Mills has something that her milieu considers a genetic flaw. She loves to play basketball. She will do anything to stay with her coach…even move to the city with the highest crime rate in North America; even suffer two bodyguards disguised as high school seniors. ... Read more

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  • Conspiracy

    Book 1 - Rim Chronicles
    When the signature has the power to start a galactic war….Parv Zarinth learned early in life that if he wanted to defy his father, he’d have to do it from somewhere half-way across the galaxy. He does his best on Hettamir to represent his father’s interests. He steers away from any conflict that may threaten the family business which translates into galactic empire.Hettamir is a world with no ... Read more

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  • The Peacetaker Series

    Ribbons of Death – Book 1A career soldier who survived a deadly riot in Cairo, and a reclusive mythology expert from Montana, race against time to find the product of ancient myths and legends that’s cutting a bloody path across the continent.***One snowy evening, a stranger with a horribly scarred face stomps on the porch of Stella Hunter’s house, holding her latest book of myths and legends. He ... Read more

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  • The Riddle Man

    Some yesterdays can kill your tomorrow….She’s a millennial, living a quiet, unassuming life in small town, Idaho. As far as the government knows, she owns nothing. The house is not hers. It belongs to the government. The name on her driver’s license barely registers when a customer calls her. And why should it? It’s not hers either. Most days she feels dead—inside and out.Then a new neighbor moves ... Read more

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  • The Path of Silence

    When Meg Stanton walks out of a convenience store to find a dead man sprawled across the hood of her car, she thinks he’s been shot. It’s the worst assumption she’s ever made in her ten-year career as a cop. Forty-eight hours later, a hotel waiter drops dead while serving the CEO of the third largest national bank. That’s when Meg begins to suspect that the victims are links in some bizarre ... Read more

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  • Thy Killer's Keeper

    An unsolved murder of a small-town teacher is only the beginning….Some crimes are inexplicable and defy reason. John Salton doesn’t believe that. As a veteran FBI agent and profiler, he maintains that there is a motive and a reason for every crime…until the unthinkable hits home. Three years after his artist-wife picked up and lit an acetylene torch and approached her two-year old, the father ... Read more

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  • The Silent Message

    A letter, a murder, a vault full of diamonds – and a young woman with a dark secret.No amount of therapy is going erase that horrible day from Marie’s mind when her mother took her sister’s hand and turned her back on her youngest child. The newspapers wrote that it was a boating accident. The wife of the man who ran the Crozier diamond exchange, lost control of the speedboat…or something equally ... Read more

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  • Legends

    Book 2 - the Rim Chronicles
    Battle for the Rimworlds is just beginning...with one manDaniel DeWynter is unlike any of the arrogant, brash DeWynter star-lords carving the galaxy with their glory. Perhaps because sixteen years ago, he witnessed first-hand, treachery and betrayal that saw thousands of innocent lives perish in the explosion of the Lynwarren Trading Station, he tends to look at any situation with humanitarian ... Read more

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  • Shadow Informant

    A killer is leaving a trail of bodies all over Chicago and each one is a puzzle piece….Carly wasn’t ready to deal with betrayal when it came. And there was no one there to offer a hand to help her get back up. Her ex used that weakness to convince the judge that she was an unfit mother. It wasn’t all about child support. It was malice, pure and simple. One part of her however, didn’t fracture. The ... Read more

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