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    0 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

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    4,5**** Explosive Stars

    Amelia Autin surely knows how to weave the words together to a story that will mesmerize your mind and hook you from the first page. Black Ops Warrior is at the same time sweetly adorable, steamingly sensual, and increasingly intense romantic suspense story that had me up reading it till the wee hours of the morning, I just could not put it down until I got to the very satisfying end. Niall Jones and Savannah Whitman were exceptional hero and heroine with their smarts, capabilities, and the seamless, effortless teamwork, that came naturally to them. Their vulnerabilities and secrets gave them realistic characterizations, the burning feelings towards each other, so quickly igniting in their minds and hearts, made them easy to connect with, relate to, and likable. The setting they were in while so romantic and picturesque put their budding relationship to a difficult start. I admired their ability to understand the limits, the secrets, the half-truths they were able to share because of their careers. Most information was on the need to know basis, and often they didn't need to know, putting trust and confidence to a test. I adored the connection between them. The bond and attraction was a palpable force, it was believable and true, there was no question of their feelings or their devotion to each other. The danger and threat are constant and slowly but surely building up the moment. There was very much of an Agatha Christie type of the atmosphere in the air on the cruise, and I loved it! All the scenery was painted with a detailed brush, giving the reader a chance to see the exotic places in their mind's eyes. Niall and Savannah won my heart with their sensitive sides, while impressed immensely with their capabilities to hold their own in a fight for their lives, for the justice, and to protect their country and its secrets. From sizzling hot romance to fierce and savage suspense the story captured my mind, a fantastic ending to the mini-series! ~ Four Spoons with a teaspoon on the side
  • 0 persona consideró útil esta reseña

    0 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

    0 de 0 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

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    Twists and turns

    Black Ops Warrior Amelia Autin This book should come with a warning! Certain parts should be read in a room that is ‘so cold you can hang meat in it’ or you are in danger of melting! What a wonderfuMaryl development of Niall and Savannah characters as to their faults to strengths. They are two of my favorite and I love how it takes both of them together to evolve to the strongest they can be. Who are the threats? Well good luck in trying to figure that out. It’s...oh they’re the ones, ...no, they’reMary the ones, ...but wait it could be them. She teases you ithe end it is a fabulous read.

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