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    Daeton's Journey

    Daeton has settled into married life with her two husbands in the Medes Realm but the return of her former were-bear protectors has her preparing for a battle with an unknown foe in this thrilling paranormal romance. For those of you have read A Price for a Princess, then you know that Daeton had to defeat an evil wizard in order to find happiness with her two mates, Perseus and Ekho, well sometimes the past comes back to haunt you and the reader can’t help but get caught up in the story as Daeton and her mates are threatened by a new enemy. Lots of tension and excitement builds throughout the story not only from the danger but from the actual path of Daeton’s HEA as she settles into her new life and then when she travels for a visit home and that’s not all – sorry but I won’t divulge any secrets but I will tell you they are quite sensational. The well written and fast paced plot thrills readers with lots of excitement and passion as the intriguing events draw the readers in and refuse to let go and lots of hot and steamy passion has the heat scorching the pages with some sizzling sex scenes. I was completely enthralled with Daeton and her mates’ story as they this journey begins just a short while after the previous story left off and gives readers a wonderful and exciting glimpse in the life of this threesome

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