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  • 2 persona consideró útil esta reseña

    2 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

    2 de 2 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

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    Good read

    Former SEAL Bran Palladino and Maddy Powers are as different as two people can be but there is something between them that can't be explained. Bran's past and the secrets he carries won't allow him to go after her but when he learns she's in trouble he's the first one out the door! Maddy wants Bran but knows he has walls she will never be able to climb. When a fun island trip takes a nightmarish turn Maddy know Bran is the only one who can help her. Will he come? Not a fav of mine but overall a decent read. I found the story a bit jumpy and not the smooth easy pace I like. Definitely filled with sizzle and adventure though so if you enjoy those this one's for you!
  • 1 persona consideró útil esta reseña

    1 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

    1 de 1 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

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    Devil and the Deep by Julie Ann Walker

    Devil and the Deep by Julie Ann Walker A fantastic addition to the romantic suspense and action Deep Six series. I was immediately engaged with the characters and along for the ride. The book does stand alone if the first hasn't been read. While the men are strong, hunky and real heroes here, I love the women, the crazy conversations, the movie quips and the southernisms in this book. The women are confident in some ways but unsure in opposite aspects. They know themselves and what they want. And they go for it. No timid characters here. Maddie has been through some traumatic events, and has survived by becoming stronger and more apt to go after a goal. "There's no harm in asking for what you want" seems to be her current outlook. She gets her lips on Bran. No spoiler since it's a romance - there's a few hot sex scenes in this book. Former SEAL and all man after all. She's a bit snarky and a complete movie buff just like him. Alex is brainy and a talker. She's very funny but not intentionally. This is not her story, but a great lead in for when it is her turn. I can't wait to read more about her. Brando Pallidino and Madison Powers have been exchanging emails and phone calls since he helped rescued her. She's ready for more. He's willing to walk away because of scars from his past. "She pushed out of Bran's embrace and rolled in her lips, savoring the taste of him. Her heart was doing its damnedest to out-flutter a hummingbirds. And, if she weren't mistaken, at some point during their exchange, a puppeteer had connected strings to her knees and was now tugging on those strings, making her legs shiver and shake." Excerpt from Devil and the Deep by Julie Ann Walker. I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.
  • 1 persona consideró útil esta reseña

    1 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

    1 de 1 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

    ¡Gracias por tu opinión!


    I have read a lot of Julie Ann Walker books. I have loved some stories, struggled with others, but mainly enjoyed most of them. There are some characteristics, that seems to be in most of her stories. There are lots of inner reflections, random thoughts the characters are having, going from lust filled panting, to pop culture quotes, to completely irrelevant pondering. The humor is off the wall, and fitting for the younger generation, surprising on the thirty-something ex-SEALs. The secondary couple that we get glimpses of, that seems to be in every story, is often more interesting and intriguing than the primary one, and you are left to yearn for the next story, hoping it will be them. With these things in mind and the fact that I have always gone back for the next story, I will say, that I really struggled with this one. And mainly for all those reasons I mentioned above. I liked Alex and Mason, the secondary, pudding possible romance coming ahead couple. I liked them as characters, I enjoyed them together, and they were easy to connect with , the short times we heard the tale from their point of view. I had a harder time to connect with Bran and Maddy. I liked them both in the previous story, I was all ready to root for them and their HEA, and I didn't get there. I wasn't connecting with them, I didn't feel the connection between them, and I was bored. The inner reflections they were having, was like being with a group of people, who all have ADHD symptoms, and just can't focus, get it together, and survive the attacks. In a middle of the action, they are standing there lusting after each other, while being shot at. All that took any possible intensity, fear and danger away from the story, leaving me as a reader wanting. I love a good banter between characters, humor in the story, and some comic relief in intense situations, but here, in my opinion, it went too far. I also missed the rest of the team, maybe they could have brought some more balance into the chaos Bran and Maddy was making with the undeniable lust. So, I liked Alex and Mason, the few glimpses of the team, the support and advice they give each other, and their life on the tiny island. I know the author can write some seriously intense suspense and deadly action. I know she can write steamy romance without making it dull. There were dead bodies here as well, it just seemed like no one cared, also, it seemed like it was completely unnecessary aim to kill in the situation they were in. If you are a movie buff, who enjoys quotes from your favorite films, and use them in real life situations, if you enjoy Lethal Weapon movie type sophomoric humor, and silly banter in life and death moments, you are going to like this story well, I personally wanted little bit more of a story, and less nonsensical silliness. ~ Two Spoons with a teaspoon on the side
  • 1 persona consideró útil esta reseña

    1 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

    1 de 1 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

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    Devil and the Deep

    Funny, but a little bit long, lost my attention but I like the characters in it.
  • 0 persona consideró útil esta reseña

    0 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

    0 de 0 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

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    Exciting and exotic

    Always happy to read about a band of ex seals who chose to hhave more peaceful adventures together, but who do not hesitate to use their skillsets when danger arises. I liked this series. But I am a bit disappointed that there are not more coming soon. I think Mason, doc, wolf and romeo deserve their own adventure and love. And that they will find the treasure.... Julie Ann start writing!

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