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  • 1 persona consideró útil esta reseña

    1 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

    1 de 1 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

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    I’ve read quite a few of the HOT series but this is my first of the HOT SEAL off-shoots and I can honestly say it didn’t make a difference.  I stopped because I fell behind by a book or two and there seemed to be enough flow from book to book (mostly with the bad guy) that I didn’t feel comfortable picking up again in the middle.  I was assured this was a good place to start back up, though, and I’m sure glad I listened! Based on the stories I’d read before I knew I’d get action and emotion, with strong women and take charge men, and this one didn’t disappoint.  From the first page I was hooked!  After her sister left her in charge of her niece, Bailey goes barreling over to Alexei’s to confront the man who she thought was the baby’s dad.  From her banging on his door and yelling her *ahem* “high” opinion about him to Alexei bringing her into his home to help her take care of Ana, it’s fun and sassy and a great meet-cute. Of course, bad things come calling when Bailey gets threatened at work by someone looking for her sister.  With the brains and brawn that populate the HOT team, Bailey has a lot of help at her disposal.  But it’s going to take some time which keeps her in Alexei’s orbit just that much longer … lucky girl! Neither of them were looking to get involved, but the heart rarely plays fair and I really enjoyed watching both Bailey and Alexei fall in love.  They struggle with it a bit and have a few moments where being a little more up front about their changing feelings would have saved them both some heartache, but overall it was pretty drama free (which I appreciate).  Instead, we get two people who thought they wanted one thing slowly figuring out that maybe they want something so much different after all.  With a large dose of sizzle between the main characters, a little bit of danger thrown in to spice things up, Alexei and Bailey’s romance if a ton of fun to read.  I’m looking forward to enjoying more of the HOT guys … maybe I’ll go back and get the ones I’ve missed! *** I voluntarily read a Review Copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely my own and no one else’s. ***
  • 0 persona consideró útil esta reseña

    0 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

    0 de 0 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

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    A Man from My Heart

    I love this book and I especially love the characters Alexei and Bailey. It was totally love a first sight. Bailey showed up thinking Alexei was her nieces' baby daddy but Alexei knew better. But being the man that he is couldn't turn her away. Because of the way he was raised Alexei know what to do but poor Bailey had no clue even though she took care of her sister. Alexei was a man from my own heart. He is caring, thoughtful, loving and most of all a protector. Bailey is too funny. All she know is how to be a fighter and to make a way. I love how the two interacted together and when they allowed themselves to have sex. I knew it was going to be nothing but fire. The crazy twist and turns that Lynn Raye Harris can spin with this HOT series. I definitely was happy with the ending but still somewhat surprised. Now I'm looking forward to the next couple of books. The ending has me curious.
  • 0 persona consideró útil esta reseña

    0 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

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    Que lindo libro, hermoso, precioso, exquisito, increíble!
  • 0 persona consideró útil esta reseña

    0 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

    0 de 0 personas consideraron útil esta reseña

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    Another Great HOT Story!

    "You really are a good guy, Alexei" "No, I'm really not. But I am right now." I absolutely love this series! The men of HOT, are just that - Hot! I love seeing a big, bad alpha male brought down by a pretty face, and a cute little baby. Bailey Jones has her hands full. Her sister up and left, leaving her infant daughter with Bailey, along with the name of the father. Alex Kamarov. She's going to find him and give him a piece of her mind for leaving her sister, and now her, to deal with the baby alone. Bailey has no clue what to do with a baby and this guy is going to man up. Alex proves to be quite the softy when it comes to Ana, and Bailey can't help but be attracted to him. When her sister Kayla's past comes looking for her, Bailey becomes the target. Can Alex keep them safe? Just when it looks like he might care for her too, will she lose him forever? Alexei "Camel" Kamarov knows he's not the father. No way. No how. But there's no way he can turn them away. He'll be more than happy to show Bailey a few things about babies. But that's not all he wants to show her. He has no time for relationships. His job doesn't mix well with being part of a couple. When the paternity test proves what he already knows, Bailey and the baby will be gone. He needs to keep her at arm's length. But, when it becomes clear that Bailey's sister Kayla was involved with a criminal, he'll stop at nothing to ensure Bailey and Ana's safety. He's just met her , but there's no way he's letting her go. She's his and no one threatens what's his. I enjoy this series so much. I have loved reading each book as one by one the men of HOT fall ridiculously in love with their women. Total swoon-fest. Can't wait for the next one!!

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