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    0 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

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    OK read

    Honestly this one just didn't work for me. I found the whole story just a little weird. Becca Evans, the smart sister, has been taking care of her older sister Grace, the beautiful one, for so long Becca has just about forgotten she needs to take care of herself too. Calum Price may be one of America's most eligible bachelors but he finds himself taken by the intriguing Becca. Too bad she seems set on pushing Grace on him. This entire story read like a cross between reality TV and a soap opera. Just not my thing unfortunately. In fairness though the writing is well done and the characters well developed. It's just the story that I couldn't get interested in.
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    Quick, entertainng, and sinfully sensual ...

    Full review appeared on Reader's Edyn on 10/09/17 at Becca Evans has always been labeled the plain sister. Her half-sister, Grace, has continually been the one in the spotlight; her trusting nature having landed her in a lot of trouble – mostly bad relationships with nasty guys. Consequently, Becca has morphed into protector and goes everywhere with Grace, always looking out for her. But Becca needs Grace to win the reality show they are on so she can get the prize money. Becca has an offer at a University and she doesn’t want to miss the opportunity at her dream job. When she ends up sitting next to Mr. Bachelor himself, she has to find out if he’s good enough for her sister. Additional recon won’t hurt her cause in helping her sister win the competition either. What blind-sides her is the crazy attraction she feels toward him. Callum Price is not much of a willing participant in this farce of a reality show. His only reason for going along with the plan, is because he wants to take over the majority stock and buy up the island as an investment. When Becca lands in the seat next to him, he is annoyed by her questions, but ends up loosening up toward her – just as she too starts to loosen up after each mimosa she drinks. Before too long, he’s finding himself intrigued with the highly intelligent woman. She doesn’t take his crap and insults him right back. He’s used to people groveling – comes with the territory as a Billionaire – but Becca doesn’t seem to give a crap about his money. She challenges him and sparks his interest. Before too long, Callum is having some pretty scandalous thoughts regarding Ms. Evans. This reality show just might be fun after all. Holy Moly! This is quite a descriptive book with crazy hot, sinfully stimulating scenes. The attraction between Callum and Becca is undeniable. I love when two people, who normally wouldn’t get together, end up in an unexpected relationship simply because fate stepped in and pushed them together. Sappy. Love it! I enjoyed learning about Callum and his background. He’s not all you’d expect from a Billionaire Playboy – he still remembers where he came from and while his drive to succeed is fierce, he doesn’t let his status change who he is. Becca is similar in the respect that she’s a freaking genius. While she could show off her talent, she keeps to herself and always lets her sister shine, but staying in the background also doubles as a protection mechanism. Before too long, her past comes back to threaten her future and Callum has to decide if the risk of her reputation being slung through the mud is worth their relationship. Not ready to label what it could be, they both struggle to come to terms with their feelings. Both Callum and Becca were a joy to spend time with. And that crazy hot sex? It was exactly that with little bits of light BDSM thrown in. I didn’t really care for any of the secondary characters except Grace and another, later revealed as familial. He seems like he might have had an interesting story to explore. Grace, however, was a lot of fun. She is the ditzy, blonde sister, but is gifted with some great lines. If I had a half-sister, I’d want it to be Grace; exasperating qualities and all. I often wondered if we would discover that Grace was just as brilliant as Becca, but let her looks do the talking. Instead because she loves the attention. Sadly, that was not the case, but her character was just as entertaining. My only criticism was that, when a big jerk finally gets what he deserves, I felt like it was over too quick and could have been raked over the coals much longer. This is a first read by Ms. St. Denis and if this book is an adequate representation of her common writing style, it definitely won’t be my last. I found this book a quick read, entertaining, and erotic. But then, I’ve always had a soft spot for the genius wallflower who gets the guy. 😊 Kindle version provided by NetGalley/Entangled in exchange for an honest review.
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    0 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

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    Fun and sexy

    This is a fun and quick read that I thoroughly enjoyed. In it, Becca is the genius behind her sister Grace's success on the pageant circuit. She expects their experience on a tropical island's reality "dating" show to be more of the same, however she didn't plan on falling for the bachelor, Cal, herself. What follows is a fun, sexy, and slightly naughty novel that fans of the genre will love. This is perfect for when you're looking for a light read by the beach or in front of a warm fire.

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