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  • 1 personne a trouvé ce commentaire utile

    1 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    1 sur 1 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

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    Perfect balance of suspense, humor and romance

    Perfect balance of suspense, humor and romance. Ryan has been in the military and then working protection for years. His last assignment, well, it was enough to make him realize it was time to stop. Returning to his hometown of Hampton to return to the daughter he loves and the comfort of his cabin and the wilderness. He never expects to run a woman off the road on his return. Hannah has a passion for art and has a vibrancy to her messy, unconventional approach to life. But when you look deeper, you see fear and trepidation are just under the surface. Moving to Hampton seems to feed her spirit in a way she didn't expect. When she encounters sexy Ryan, as he almost kills, her, well, she finds new feelings being awakened. Hannah is struggling to embrace this wonderful life she has built for herself while running from her past. Will she get a happy ending with Ryan? Or will her past force her to leave? Ryan's relationship with his daughter is fabulous. These two have an amazing bond. Hannah connecting with Alex through art was beautiful to experience and the three of them together find an ease that none of them expect. All of this adds pressure to Hannah as she navigates the now while running from her past. How this would end, well, I really didn't know it everything was revealed. Loved the journey to get there.
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    Leave me breathless

    Awesome book. I loved it. Didn’t want to put it down. Her best yet.
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    0 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

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    5 Million ‘It Surpasses Bliss’ Stars

    O…M…G! Talk about literary nirvana! I’m sorry but I’ve got to be cliche and say that this book indeed left me breathless for all the BEST reasons! Unforgettable, mind blowing, heart and soul gripping, Leave Me Breathless has all the elements of an EPIC LOVE story and beyond! Only Jodi Ellen Malpas could take a small town romance give it a twist, and raise it to the skies with her very own unique brand of sophisticated über sexiness and the most delicious of JEM Alphas! PHE…NOM…E…NAL!!!!! Awww, I honestly could not be more in love with this book and its incredibly rich and characters. Going by the setting – LOVED the adorable small town of Hampton – and the premise alone I was hooked from the get go, but every single time a new character was revealed, a new layer of Hannah’s unveiled or their chemistry and magnetism punched us right along with them I was soaking up every single word. Witnessing and FEELING their passion blossom into the most beautiful of love stories was just…wow… Hannah and Ryan are the definition of #OTP! The perfection of their instant recognition, his swoon worthy words and actions, her sweetness and vulnerability coupled with an incredible strength and their declarations, their confessions… Each time Ryan declared her, almost from the very beginning, ‘his game changer’, ‘his heaven’, as ‘turn his world upside down’ and Hannah calling him ‘her cure’, ‘her peace’ even while maintaining she didn’t need a savior, was heart warming and soul emphatizing to the max. It is impossible not to fall for this PERFECTLY imperfect characters! No words could do it justice, believe me when I say that only reading it and experiencing it first hand is possible to feel the full force of their insta connection – and we all know how much I’m a sucker for that, lol – almost like instant recognition, but still so very realistic and relatable. All this intensity translate truly in an EPIC love story, and how could it not, we have have a ICONIC ‘romance in the raging storm’ scene *daydreams about those soaking wet declarations and heart pounding moment*! Yep, Ms. Malpas gave us everything we could have hoped for in this love story. Everything! There is so much I want to say – ok, ok, rave is a more appropriate word, lol – but mainly how magical and enrapturingly addictive Ryan – aka the swooniest of the Alphas! – and Hannah are from their very introduction. Not only were they winners of my heart from the start, but I have to stand out how ingenious and overall extraordinary Ryan’s daughter, Alex, was! This ten year old was Amazing!!! So witty, but still so sweet and caring, she was another gem of the story on her own (actually I’m secretly hoping we get her very own book in the distant future. Yep, she was that memorable!). But not only Alex stood out as secondary character, all this small town and its oh so charming and endearing personas completely stole my heart. So much so that I wanted to see them more and more of them, each single glimpse, a delight for my spirit. Yes, Jodi Ellen Malpas truly gave us the best of the small town romance, with her very unique and addictive twist. Ryan and Hannah’s love story was as original as it was enrapturing, transporting us throughout tense and emotional moments, but also the most hilarious of snippets; action filled, but plentiful sweet and passionate sequences; and let’s not forget all the in between ÜBER STEAMY trademark JEM sexy scenes, because they need a stand out all on their own, and Ryan… Oh boy, was this man steamy in every single way… *fanning myself* Leave Me Breathless, is undoubtedly not just one of top reads this year, but one of my ALL TIME favs! I will never forget Hannah and Ryan, and for that reason I once again bow down to Ms. Malpas masterful writing, I don’t know how she manages it, but every single book she unleashes into the world, sears itself into the very core of my heart and souls. No exaggeration here, JEM’s words are THAT impactful! And for that very reason, I’m already counting down the hours until we get more of her enchanted universe, maybe even more of Hannah, Ryan and Alex?! Here’s to hoping! *she begs with puppy dog eyes*<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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    An amazing story <3

    Jodi Ellen Malpas words are magical! Ryan and Hannah show us how to love and move on from the past. They show what kindness is all about and how much love can bring out different emotions. Make you feel like a whole new person when you meet the one. Suddenly the earth's axis is tilted and you are under a spell. Ryan and Hannah did that for me. Took me to a place that had me mesmerized with falling in love all over again. JEM will not only give you the chemistry you crave with Leave Me Breathless, but you will have some suspense and action scenes that will play out. I knew this story would be something special and even though you go through many flows of emotion, you will be left breathless at the end <3 I loved revisiting Jake and Cami. It felt like coming back home to your favorite place.

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