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    If you love wonderfully written Regency romance, you are in for a treat! I absolutely adored this delightful story and could not help myself from laughing at times as I turned the pages! Briar Bourne is the youngest of three sisters, who have coddled and protected her after their father left them and their mother grieved herself to death. Going to live with their doting uncle, who has opened up a matchmaking agency, Briar wants to prove that she can work and be successful just like her siblings. Briar was such a fun character! She is twenty but being so protected, very naive. But in spite of that, she is a smart, a little outspoken and has a luminous personality. She is determined to show her mettle and help find a match for her best friends Temperance and her brother Daniel. Nicholas, the Earl of Edgemont, is their cousin and wants to help Daniel, who has been very depressed due to a broken engagement. Known as a rake, he is very caring and will do anything for his family. As Briar and Nicholas meet, he knows she is off limits to him but cannot help be drawn to her. A bargain is struck between the two for him to teach her how to read body language and the intricacies that go on between men and women. But the cost will be a kiss for every lesson he teaches her. He refuses to fall in love though. Vivienne Lorret has created a tale with amazing in depth characters, who come to life when added to her wonderful storytelling! This will be a book added to my read again shelf! Cannot wait for the next story in this series!! Well done! I read this through Edelweiss
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    0 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    0 sur 0 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

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    Loved this book!

    I received an eARC at no cost from the author I absolutely loved this book! While reading it, I had a happy grin on my face the whole time. It just made me laugh and tingle, and it gave me butterflies – what more could I ask for? Briar is so adorable! She’s a romantic and, yes, she is also a bit naïve but she is so sweet! Some heroines can be a bit annoying when they are too unaware of the world, but Briar is so lovely, she made it so easy to like her, I just adored her. She has suffered her fair share, but we only know how everything has affected her almost at the end of the book, which was fine by me. Nicholas was… so sexy! I mean… don’t ask me for a physical description because (with the exception of his nose), I probably can’t give you one. Why? Because characters in my mind, even the ones heavily described, don’t actually have a defined face..? There’s always somewhat of a blur. So no, it’s not their face/body that makes them sexy (it helps, of course!), it’s how they act, and how they can make you feel like all their attention is on you, in a good way. And that’s how I felt Nicholas was about Briar. He has other great qualities, naturally: he’s very loyal and protective of his family (like Briar), he’s been hurt before (haven’t we all? and almost every single book character?), and he’s a rake. But, who would have guessed? He’s a rake with a good heart. Their chemistry was, at the same time, so strong and so subtle. The teasing, and the friendship, the alone moments… Everything made my senses as a reader tingle and be on the lookout for another wonderful scene. The secondary characters help set the scene: Briar and her family have a matchmaking agency. Her friend Temperance and her brother Daniel, are looking for fiances. And their cousin is… Nicholas, Lord Edgemont. I don’t want to give too much of the story away because it’s their adventures that keep us readers paying attention. Suffice to say, Briar needs help with her matchmaking skills, and Nicholas is more than happy to help – in exchange for a little something, as one would expect. The one thing – and, let’s be honest, it’s a small thing – that could have made this book even better, was to make the ending a bit more climatic. And I think this was lacking a bit because what was preventing the happy ending was such a small thing that seemed almost… not credible. I really liked Nicholas’ dedication to try and talk to Briar, and I have to admit I was a bit disappointed that she didn’t even give him a bit of credit – I know, she felt hurt and deceived, but after her time spent with Nicholas, I hoped she knew better. But, alas, miscommunication got in the way. In the end, it was a great book, with only a small thing to point out. Can’t wait to read the next book in this incredible series.

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