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    well-written page-turner of a read.

    "Watching You" by Shannon Greenland was a well-written page-turner of a read. My first experience with this particular author and pleased to say it was a positive one. Genre-wise I would place this in the Young Adult/New Adult category. I'm undecided between the two as there is some mild content near the end the might lean this more towards the New Adult camp. It's nothing hard-core and is really rather mild in nature but does stop this short of being a completely clean read. What I did like about this particular content was how realistically it was portrayed rather refreshing and makes quite the change from the norm. So moving on slightly; this was romantic suspense set in and around a prestigious boarding school. where our main girl Viola is attending on a scholarship that shes slightly fudged about on the application process to receive. Here she runs into her new crush the gorgeous and Spanish Reil. Almost instantly upon meeting Reil, she senses a deeper connection; but there are certain obstacles that seem to be standing in her way of a friendship the most important being the scholarship that Viola has acquired under less than honest circumstances. There are so many parallels in her life that she can compare with Reil and this understanding and solidarity understandably brings her feeling much closer to her new friend. So with her goals of school well underway Viola settles into her new academy life but it's not long before events for her start to take a rather sinister turn. And with the added complication of mean girls and her well-hidden secrets becoming common knowledge. Viola is not enjoying her senior year as much as she originally anticipated. So I really did enjoy this a lot; Yes it was probably more romantic than overall suspenseful and was slightly predictable in some places. But and here's the main kicker for me; I couldn't put this down and for the reason alone this deserves for me its whole five stars. I actually started reading this at my bedtime with every intention of a couple of chapters and then getting some much-needed shut-eye. Well, that was a complete wash-out; I ended up reading this all through the night and finished in one sitting, talk about bags under the eyes the next day. And it was so worth it; "Watching you" in itself is not an overcomplicated story but it did deliver for me that thrilling excitement that I was actually looking for from this. Managing quite easily to keep my attention throughout. It has some great characters and so much to recommend itself making it a complete no-brainer in terms of would I recommend this. And I think its safe to say I definitely would; this is one read that I am happy to give the green light to. Thank You to the Author and Entangled Publishing for providing me with an ARC copy of "Watching You" of which I have reviewed voluntary. All opinions expressed are entirely my own
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    Angsty teen romance meets suspense.

    4.5 out of 5 stars. I love a good romantic thriller, and so much the better if it’s also young adult. WATCHING YOU has everything I love — a tortured love interest, angsty romance, a deplorable antagonist, and buckets of suspense. Seventeen-year-old Viola lies on her application to get a scholarship at a prestigious prep school on her ultimate path to MIT. Or so she hopes. The problem is, her winning the scholarship means someone else lost out. That someone is uber hot, brooding Riel, the recipient the previous three years. Guilt and undeniable attraction wage a war within her as she wonders how Riel can continue to attend without the scholarship, and the more she learns about his situation, the guiltier she feels. When the inevitable romance heats up between these two, Viola knows her secrets will be her undoing, but she never counts on a stalker making her life dangerous as well as complicated. Plot This is probably more of a romance than a thriller, but the suspense is tightly woven throughout the romantic elements, creating a gripping story that moves from the opening scene to the intense climax and satisfying conclusion. The attraction between Viola and Riel is palpable from their first interaction, and while they may not know if or how to act on that attraction, it drives some of the best conflict throughout the book. The mystery of who is watching Viola is well-done, with lots of red herrings to choose from. I never did figure out who it was. The Characters At times, I found Viola to be a little too much. A little too good, a little too perfect. Other than lying on her application, which she had perfectly good reasons for, she has no real flaws, but her genuine friendship with Mar helped me overlook this aspect of her character. Riel, on the other hand, was a fascinating character. He was perfectly flawed in all the right ways and totally swoon-worthy. Top Five Things I Enjoyed About WATCHING YOU 1. Riel. Having married my own hot latin guy, I totally appreciate the appeal that is Riel. 2. Mar. Both spunky and adorable, Riel’s younger sister is easily my favorite character. 3. Angsty romance. My favorite kind. 4. Suspense. While more of a subplot, it had a way of driving the main plot forward and kept me turning pages. 5. Surprises. I love when an author can surprise me. I never did figure out who the stalker was until it was revealed in the closing chapters. Bottom Line Angsty teen romance meets suspense. Disclaimer I was provided with a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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    4 Stars

    My second book by this author and I was excited for this new one after loving Shadow of a Girl. Like SOAG, this book had suspense and romance with an added mystery element. The story is predominantly told in the heroine's (Viola's) POV, but has snippets told in the mysterious villain's POV. The villain is kept a true mystery while the author throws out various red herrings to keep the reader guessing. With Riel and Viola being the primary characters in the story, the author also adds some great secondary characters that keep the story layered with added humor and drama. I loved Riel and felt he was a wonderful love interest for Viola. I do feel like this book reads more as NA vs. YA. Just me, but the romance seemed more adult rather than high school and discovering all that comes with a romantic relationship. Overall, the romance was a little bit rushed for me, but the mystery was intriguing and kept me turning pages. (This is my voluntary and unbiased review of an advanced copy of Watching You via Entangled Teen Publishing)

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