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    Absolutely great.

    Warning for spoilers of the series up to this point. No spoilers for The Temple Road itself though. A lot happens here in terms of "things" happening (sorry for the wordy sentence). Just as the title suggests, the adventure takes place mostly on the Temple Road while Liall is trying to direct Scarlet towards Ged Fanorl under directions from Ulan. In a way, not much progression is done in the overall main "myth" plot. However, the author does a great job building onto an already rich world with the sights we see on this adventure that it didn't bother me one bit. The Temple Road really shines when it comes to further development between Liall and Scarlet. It's endearing how one's thoughts always tend to orbit around the other; it's a type of dependency that really speaks to the romantic in me. While on the surface, it might not seem like much development (since "I love you" tends to be end game in most romance), what you really see is just how far Liall would really go for his redbird. These actions really show a dichotomy in Liall - the ruthless king to the Rshani, but a tender wolf to Scarlet. In a way, this book is definitely Liall-centric in that sense. And gosh, there were moments that really broke my heart and had me crying some salty man tears. If there was one thing I have to criticize about this book, it would be its proofreading. I normally wouldn't mention it if it were minor mistakes, but I did notice quite a bit of proofreading mistakes that littered the book (which really shocked me, since all the entries prior didn't have this problem). It did jar me out of some moments, but luckily didn't happen during key dialogue or emotional scenes. Overall, I really really love The Temple Road. It was adventurous, romantic, dark and gritty and gave me more insight into Liall.

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