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    great friends to lovers romance

    I loved the idea of these friends becoming more.  They make sure a great duo that you know a relationship between the two of them would just be awesome.  Unfortunately both have some hangups that are keeping them from pursuing anything more.   It's totally understandable why Kaylee doesn't want to risk her most important friendship for the chance of a romance.  She needs Bennett so much that losing him would be devastating ... but her heart wants more and it is not going to be ignored.   Thanks to Bennett's childhood he has a huge need to plan.  A romance of deep emotion doesn't really fit well with that.  He's holding tight to his control but life does enjoy throwing people curve balls.   And seeing Bennett develop a connection to his son is the absolute best.  Kaylee's there for both of them, with a special connection with Dallas, but in the end the guys have to be the ones making it work.  They both are so heartfelt and blunt, but hesitant too.  They handle things their way - with humor and truth, laying it out but still being protective of themselves.   The connection & long-standing friendship between Kaylee & Bennett is just so heartwarming and their struggle over where the future might take them is very real.  Some might find the push/pull of their emotions a little repetitive - it's hard to let go and take a leap for something more when what you have is so very, very important to you.  But what if it could bring you something so much more ...?  It's a tough decision but you are going to enjoy being with them while they figure things out.  **Review given honestly and freely after receipt of a reader copy. This opinion is completely my own and was not influenced in any way.**
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    Untamed Cowboy

    I do not know what could have made me love the story more than I do, it was so perfectly emotional, with just the right amount of angst, turmoil, drama mixed with sweet, sexy, and spicy. I was on an emotional edge throughout the tale, with a serious book-hangover afterword, wanting to linger in the world the author had created. While the story was entertaining and engaging, it was also meaningful and thought-provoking, it is a story that in the past couple of days has kept popping into my mind at the most unexpected moments. Bennett Dodge and Kaylee Capshaw caught my attention when they were first mentioned in Olivia's story. The friendship, connection between them is so natural, authentic, and real, it's like they truly were two parts of a whole. Bennett is an organized planner. He needs to keep control of his life by planning everything ahead and stick to it, to avoid the pain, to not feel the uncontrollable turmoil, to be able to carry the responsibilities in his life. He is a loyal, reliable, smart, and caring man. The loss of his mother at the young age has shaped him to be the man he is, with the guidance of his loving father and the middle child's need to avoid to bring drama and turbulence to his parent's life. There's just one secret he has kept from a young age, and that secret has just exploded to his face. From the early age on, Kaylee's parents neglected her and made her very aware of the fact that she was not wanted, loved, cared for, or cherished. She learned to rely only on her self, not to trust her feelings, to keep a safe distance from any deeper involvements, and love only from the afar. What rescued Kaylee was the loving friendship she had with Bennett, and the open arms his family welcomed her into their fold. But the scars of the careless words and her parent's oversight of her are deeper than Kaylee realized. With all the strife and trouble in Bennett's life and the new, burning physical attraction between her and her best friend, Kaylee has to deal with the painful wounds of her past to be able to move on and truly live and embrace the new possibilities coming to her way. I loved every moment of the journey Bennett and Kaylee were on, the bumps in the road, the ardent passion building up between them, the banter, the true friendship they had that was the foundation of their relationship. I loved the support they gave to each other, the trust, the honesty, the way they could rely on each other. They were a unit from the start, from the very first moment they met as children, and there was nothing that was going to break that bond they had built between them if they were willing and able to do the work and take the leap into a romantic love. A poignant, captivating, and touching story that just burst my heart and mind with all the feels, emotions, and passion soaring off the pages. From heartrending neglect of children and pain of a loss of a loved one to a heartfelt and delightfully ravishing love story between the best friends, with meddling family and adorable four-legged creatures all around, Untamed Cowboy conquered my heart and mind. ~ Five Spoons
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    0 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

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    Beguiling, touching, and downright swoon-worthy!

    Untamed Cowboy is a sweet, provocative tale about the intelligent, kindhearted Kaylee who's finding it harder and harder to keep her attraction for her best friend a secret, and the easygoing, handsome Bennett who may just discover that sometimes things happen for a reason, and everything he’s ever wanted may be standing right in front of him. The prose is lighthearted and sultry. The characters are amusing, entertaining and supportive. And the plot is a wonderful combination of light drama, heartache, parenthood, family, friendship, fervour, introspection, and undeniable chemistry. Untamed Cowboy is the second title in the Gold Valley series, and once again Yates has written an engaging, tender, romantic tale with just the right amount of heart, humour, and heat to be truly satisfying.

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