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    Go vacation and fall in love with a sexy cowboy

    So honestly I haven’t had the chance to read the previous books in the Tease series. This book is the love story between Lily, the beautiful sister of Tease’s first heroine, Elizabeth, and a sexy, hardworking cowboy named Colt that she meets during a Caribbean vacation. Firstly, we’ve got to appreciate the pun of a cowboy named Colt. Then, we’ve got to truly appreciate the man named Colt. As everyone, Colt has flaws, he’s a short tempered, overprotective, stubborn workaholic. But like his physical flaws, his personality flaws just make him even more wonderful to Lily. Especially when he’s also kind, gentle, determined, open minded, and he doesn’t care about what people think about him, he doesn’t care about the gossip or rumours that surround Lily, he doesn’t even care about following celebrities lives in the first place. Not to mention his down to earth, giving nature and the lack of expectations for his acts of kindness. How could Lily, a woman raised to learn that the only two people that will love her for her instead of what they can get from her, are Elizabeth (her sister) and Ted (her best friend and honorary brother). I was so invested in Lily’s love story, and I feel like that guarantees that those of you that met Lily from the beginning, that followed with her and Elizabeth whilst Adam taught them both what true family is like, will have an infinite love for this journey. Those of you that, like me, haven’t read the other Tease novels yet? Don’t worry, you’ll love the innocence, the purity, the beauty, the symmetry, and the epic journey of two workaholics that fall in love on a tiny island in the Caribbean whilst they were trying to be someone else, and then fall even more in love with each other when they see each other’s true selves. There were so many scenes I found to be epically stunning in this book. That first meeting, waterfall scene, the barn scene, the office scene, the beach scene near the end, the epilogue… but even more than that the perfect symmetry between the love story between our two protagonists and the love story Lily is performing as leading lady of her current film was pure, literary genius. I loved it. Just a heads up, there will be hints about previous novels in the series, especially Elizabeth and Adam’s books. No doubt for you long time Tease addicts, this will cause heart fluttering, butterflies in your stomach, sweet nostalgia. For those of you that aren’t, it won’t really give you spoilers so you don’t need to worry there, 7 Dirty Lies is a quirky, sexy, standalone contemporary romance that will have you swooning and melting and heating the hell up.
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    7 dirty lies

    Love it!! Most fun of the series & having the other Characters pop in the story line ties the pacķage with a big old bow! Watch out for cowboy hat wearing overworked sexy hunks!
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    Wickedly Good.

    The game of peek-a-boo gets naughty when the heart is involved and the hormones are on high alert. 7 Dirty Lies has the makings of a dirty movie with the emotional pull of a tried and true romance. Falling in love has never been so wickedly good.

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