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    An action-packed, emotional, romance

    Of all the books in the series, this is the sleeper. It has clear, confident, and mature characters; They know themselves, they know what they like. This trio didn't need Bliss to know they belonged together, they got together and had no time to figure things out. Tragedy and circumstances, plus a serial killer, tore them apart. Laura has lost herself in the beauty that is Bliss, and in doing so, found her home. Rafe and Cam continued to struggle and fall apart behind in DC. Once they find Laura, they too fall for the town, and lose themselves in Bliss Belonging together,and getting and staying together, are two very different things. This is not an easy road for them, plus the serial killer is back. They struggle with each other, their own feelings and insecurities, and finally learn to trust and know that between the three of them, there will always be someone for them to rely on This story packs a punch of emotions, it has them all, and they are powerful and stark. It is steamy, it is sexy, and the emotions of the characters for each other reach out and pull you in. It will linger with you when you are finished, poke at you when you least expect it. It is the sleeper, and you don't want to miss the beauty of the story it gives you!
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    Loved it

    5 Star Review Lost in Bliss (Nights In Bliss #4) by Sophie Oak This has been a new series to me and it keeps getting better and better. Each time I finish a book I think, this is my favourite, until I read the next one and so it continues. This was Laura Niles, Rafe Kincaid and Cameron Briggs story and what a story it is. Laura left after being fired from the FBI, leaving behind Rafe and Cam and found herself landing in Bliss, Colorado. She has lived there for 5 years without being discovered. However not only have her men now found her, but so has a serial killer, one who has already tried to kill her once before. Danger is heading to Bliss again and Laura is right in it’s path. This time the serial killer The Marquis de Sade is determined to succeed in his quest to kill Laura. Laura is a strong woman, she has to be to overcome what has been done to her and Rafe and Cam are determined to protect her and claim her; this time they will not let her run. It was great to revisit Bliss because you get to see glimpses of previous characters and catch up on their lives. I love the quirkiness of the characters who call Bliss home. Lost in Bliss is a story of love, of forgiveness, of overcoming tragedy and loss and moving on to a brighter future. Of course it is also smoking hot and there is some humour as well as you would expect from a Sophie Oak book. I cannot wait to see what happens next in Bliss.

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