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    4 -- Second Chance -- stars

    I met Jordan and Gage in the Heart of Stone series. Jordan is Nina’s best friend and Gage was Tristan’s head of security. They were a couple for a while and then Gage left for work. A couple of days later, he called Jordan to tell her it was over between them. Jordan was heartbroken. I always wondered how they became a couple and why Gage ended it. In this book I got my answers. Jordan is engaged to Brock now. She doesn’t love him like she loved Gage, but she does love him. He can also give her the life she has always wanted. Brock is wealthy, smart and a successful businessman. Gage has moved back to New York and hears that Jordan is engaged to Brock. He wants to talk to Jordan and tell her the reason why he left her. The conversation doesn’t go as he planned, because she doesn’t believe him and she runs away. Gage doesn’t trust her fiancé and starts following Jordan to protect her. I loved Gage. He really loves Jordan and always will. He would do anything for her. He left her months ago to protect her. He missed her all that time and there hasn’t been anyone else. He desperately wants her back, but that could put Jordan in danger and he doesn’t want that. Jordan was devastated when Gage left her, because she wanted a future with him. She has loved him from the moment they kissed in her kitchen and she will always love him. But she’s afraid to be with him again, because he could leave her again. Jordan just doesn’t want to get hurt again. Gage and Jordan have a strong connection and great chemistry. They belong together and they should be together. I loved the mystery and suspense. Near the end, several things happen that I didn’t expect at all and now I have many questions. My main question is: Why Jordan? I didn’t trust Brock from the start. He acts strange or says weird things sometimes. Brock has a sister who I also didn’t trust. Brock doesn’t like Tristan and Nina, but they are very important to Jordan and Jordan can’t imagine leaving them. It was nice to see Nina and Tristan again. They are a great couple. They will always help and support Jordan and Gage. Jordan and Gage didn’t reunite quickly and their happiness was short lived, and that’s the only thing I didn’t love about this book. I understand why Jordan didn’t want Gage back, but they weren’t even talking. There just weren’t enough scenes of them together during the first part. I also didn’t understand why Gage didn’t show Jordan the letters. Jordan and Gage are together at the end, so this book doesn’t end with a cliffhanger. But I do want the next book right now, because I have many questions after finishing and I need answers. I also want to know how their story ends. This book was definitely an amazing start to the second chance love story of Jordan and Gage.

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