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    Siren in Bloom, book six

    Siren in Bloom by Lexi Blake/ Sophie Oak is book six in her Texas Sirens Series. Every book in this series while interconnected - is about another couple and could be read as standalone. For better understanding I recommend to read the books in order. Siren in Bloom is Wolf, Leo and Shelley's book. Leo Meyer is a psychiatrist and resident Dom in Julian Lodge's The club. He has to welcome a new sub in training, Shelley. Shelley McNamara is a widow with a bad past, and she and Leo share one too. Leo isn't anmused at all that Shelley's in his club. Put a third party in the mix and disaster is programmed. Wolf Meyer is Leo's younger, hotter brother. But Wolf has serious issues, suffers from PTSD and has low self esteem. And now he has the brattiest of all subs to top and train. When danger shows up on their doorstep they have to put all differences at side and act as one team. Siren in Bloom is a scorching hot read with the right amount of drama and danger to keep me at the edge of my seat. I connected with the characters and calling dibs on Wolf. The writing is great and I liked the story and the characters. Siren in Bloom was previously published, is newly edited, re-written and has a new cover.
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    Finding your place

    There is something about characters who have been around a while finally getting their own story. In the case, Leo Meyer has been causing a ruckus as The Club's Dom in residence. We met his brother and his mother in Bliss, and Wolf is bringing Logan to Dallas to work with Leo. Shelley is Trev's little sister, and if you don't know who any of these people are, that's okay too, because you don't need to in order to completely enjoy this book This is about failing, trying, and failing, and then trying to figure out what you want. This is about stubbornness, the good kind, and the bad kind. This is about realizing what you want, and fighting for it, being selfless, and being wrong. It is about finally finding your family, and revelling in the joy it brings you. It is about Leo and Wolf Meyer, and Shelley McNamara, getting their happy ever after!
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    Loved it

    5 Star Review Siren In Bloom (Texas Sirens #6) by Sophie Oak I have been waiting for this book since Leo Meyer,the Dom in residence at The Club was first introduced in the series. There is something about him that truly fascinated me. When I learnt that his book would also be about Shelley McNamara and his brother Wolf I was so excited (I am equally enthralled by Wolf as I am Leo). I imagined that these two brothers when they could agree on something or someone, would be a powerful combination and one that would be hard to ignore. Leo has the perfect well ordered life, without emotional attachments to the submissive’s he trains, little does he know that his life is about to explode. Escaping a bitter past, Shelly comes to the club to heal and hopefully find what is missing in her life. She had blossoming feelings for Leo and would love to exploration the potential but is too shy. When Wolf decides to try and reconnect with his brother Leo, he accepts a job at The Club; his first assignment is to train Shelley McNamara. Shelley develops feelings for Wolf as well and finds herself torn between the two brothers, however when danger rears it’s head Leo and Wolf must put aside their feelings to protect Shelley. Can Leo and Wolf work together to save Shelley or will their past relationship get in the way? There were times when I laughed, I cried and I worried that Leo, Wolf and Shelley would not be able to get the happily ever after that they all so richly deserved. I really enjoy Ms.Oak (Lexi Blake’s) style of writing and Siren In Bloom was one of those reads I could not put down. Although Siren In Bloom is not a long read, I found myself reading well into the night. There was romance, danger and suspense woven into the story and the scenes were smoking hot.

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