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    Back to you

    This is book # 4, in the Alpha Ops series. Like I have said before, this is a standalone novel. I always recommend reading any series in order as the author intends, for reader understanding and enjoyment. This book can be read alone, but it is so much better in order. David and Molly met a year prior, and see each other at a cocktail party at a conference she is supposed to speak at. Tragedy strikes, and they are on the run together. David and Molly both wish they could have more time together. Suspense! Heat! Passion that is enough to ignite even the reader... yes it is in there! Molly always knew she would not get that much time with David. She takes any time he can give her. Knowing their time is running out, and feeling guilty she has sucked him into her international mess. David is grateful for every minute he has with Molly. He is sad she cannot trust him like she should to keep them safe. He knows he will keep her safe, or die trying. Which he just might. They both have a magnetic pull to one another that cannot be ignored. The sexual tension is incredible! The story is fast paced and exciting! I am rooting for them from the beginning and screaming at them as the book progresses. Definitely a keeper for your bookshelf! A real asset to the series. I cannot wait for the next book! ***This ARC copy was given by Netgalley.com and its publisher for an honest review only.
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    Entertaining espionage romance!

    This fourth entry in the Alpha Ops series can be read as a standalone, but events in the third story, Pushing the Limit, led to David and Molly meeting and this one takes place a year after that. The details of how they met and why they weren't together yet are explained well, so it's easy to jump into this one, if it's your first time reading a book by this author. Molly is in Athens for business, her reputation as a well known and respected archaeologist resulting in several planned speeches at some industry events. While there, she's also been tasked with a little innocent spy duty on the side. It seems simple enough - pass on a verbal message to the Russian Antiquities minister at a fancy cocktail party. Only, as she's about to do so, the bullets start flying! David, a retired military man (now an elite bodyguard) and the man she thought would contact her after the fallout in Iraq the previous year, is on site for other reasons and comes to Molly's rescue. Suddenly Molly is thrust in the middle of international intrigue - The Russians and the Greeks want her , the upcoming G20 meeting is threatened, and David is determined to protect her and find out who's behind what's happening and why. In the middle of running for their lives, will they get the chance to act on the attraction between them? I enjoyed this story. Molly comes across as a smart and educated woman, though sometimes a bit naive. She makes friends easily (not always to her advantage) and took her assignment, to pass a message on to the Russian antiquities minister perhaps a bit too trustingly. When David comes to her rescue, she goes with him despite her hurt feelings that he never contacted her in the past year. To her credit she doesn't hold it against him. David comes across as a strong and determined man, one who is no longer relying on alcohol the way he did when he first met Molly, his PTSD issues from that time more firmly under control now. He still doesn't think he is worthy of her, but it doesn't stop him from being committed to protecting her. Though they were attracted to each other when they met, they never acted on this attraction for several reasons. Now that they're in close quarters again, the sexual chemistry between them won't be denied, and leads to several steamy scenes. Molly and David are definitely not shy, and once they've gotten that first bedroom encounter out of the way, there isn't much stopping them from continuing an affair, even if they don't quite trust each other enough yet to tell all their secrets. I really liked the setting of this story and some of my favourite scenes involved David and Molly on the run through the streets of Athens. I would say this is more of an espionage thriller type story than a military suspense one, as it's the whole international spy scene and those dratted Russians (!) that give the story the action and edge. The idea of Russian spies is (to me) a bit dated, but still made for a fun romp. Some parts were fairly predictable, and some things were a surprise right up until the end. Of course everything turns out okay and Molly and David get their happy ending. It was an entertaining story, and I'm looking forward to reading more of the series. 3. 5 stars.
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    A damaged hero, an idealistic heroine & a spy plot

    A damaged hero and an idealistic heroine get caught up in an espionage plot with far-reaching consequences in this exciting new installment of the Alpha Ops series! BLOWBACK is an exciting combination of danger, intrigue and sexy interludes with a bold, fearless heroine and a flawed hero looking to redeem himself. I have enjoyed this series immensely and could not wait to get my hands on this book and honestly, because of how much time has passed since the previous book, I had to go back and re-read it to refresh my memory of Molly and David's meeting. Archaeologist Molly Solent is in Athens, Greece for a professional event and accepts a request to deliver a message from a government official to a Russian colleague who would also be attending the event, a decision which leads to murder and sparks an international incident, threatening US-Russia relations and she finds help from a very unexpected source - the one man who has been on her mind for the last year. David Church met Molly the previous year under very dangerous circumstances and hasn't forgotten her for one second, but he broke his promise to come look for her because he didn't think he could offer her anything more than a damaged and broken man. Seeing her in Athens is one highlight of his trip but when Molly narrowly escapes a bullet, David jumps in to get her to safety. Unfortunately, Molly has been named as a person of interest in a spy plot and is being hunted by both Russian intelligence and Greek law enforcement agencies and David is the only thing standing between her and an uncertain future and he is determined to protect her, even when she refuses to confide in him. Their bid to stay alive takes them from the busy streets of Athens to revered national monuments and everything in between as they find themselves exploring the steamy, sizzling chemistry between them. I really enjoyed both characters. Molly is gutsy and determined and does not give up on what she wants. One forehead kiss from David was all it took and she isn't going to give up on him now after having waited for a year. David is still ravaged by the losses in Afghanistan but for the first time in a long while, he has something to live for and it's amazing how he puts his military training to use, evading their pursuers. I love that Molly did not wait on David to do everything by himself, but was an equal participant in their escape from the authorities, even if she made a foolish choice that almost cost them dearly in her desire to protect David. I've said it before and will again: Ms. Curtis's writing is so rich and detailed and sucks you into the action and intrigue alongside the characters, which is why she is on my auto-buy list and this series is a must read! Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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