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    Runaway Girl is a Runaway Hit!

    I am staring at my screen trying to figure out how this book flayed me open and applied a balm to my soul. Jason and Naomi are the story I always hoped for from Tessa after Getaway Girl, yet not knowing I needed it. The tension from the first moment Naomi is in front of Jason had me and would not let me go. I was so on board for this book and Naomi's story. We needed to know what happened to our blonde, southern belle and good golly Miss Molly does Tessa Bailey deliver. Her ability to bring these characters to life and ingrain them in your psyche is unmatched. Naomi is impossible not to love and root for. She is so kindhearted and focused on finding her inner-self after realizing that she didn't really know who she was. She knew who her mother expected her to be... but that didn't feel right anymore. Especially not after seeing her cousin walk into the church on her wedding day. There are so many sides to Naomi that I feel people can connect to and want to follow her journey and see her succeed, that you are just not able to stop reading. I lost sleep reading this because I just had to know what happened next. Jason... Jason in a wetsuit... Jason stripping out of said wetsuit... Jason just being his Pouty Man Bearish self... Jason destroying any semblance of self control as you read this book... Jason showing up in all his Alpha glory... This was heaven when it comes to alpha goodness. Jason is a Special Forces diver that comes home on leave to take care of his younger sister after tragedy strikes. His sister, Birdie, enters a beauty pageant she has no hope of winning. Enter in Naomi, who has made her life as a pageant queen. A pageant queen that's in dire need of a job and no real skill set. Total Meet Cute. Jason and Naomi are fire. Actual fire! Their chemistry could burn down Birdie's high school lab. Tessa has a gift for dirty talk and causing your fingers to burn while reading her books. She also has a knack for warming her readers hearts with giving us as true of love as you can find. Runaway Girl is a Runaway Hit!
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    Another great read from Tessa Bailey.

    MY REVIEW: After reading Getaway Girl, I fell in love with the little town of Charleston. And ofcourse with Addison and "got junk in the trunk" Captain DuPont. I have read all of Tessa Bailey's books, but Getaway Girl was something special. When I found out that Naomi (the woman who left Elijah at the altar) was getting a story I wasn't sure whether to be excited or to be apprehensive. I didn't really want to read about Naomi, I'll be honest. Nothing in the previous book had shown me anything promising about her character. But ofcourse there are two sides to every story. Runaway Girl sucked me in straight off the bat. What made Naomi Clemons runaway from her fairytale wedding to a little town in Florida? What made her ditch her comfortable life? And more importantly what's keeping her from going back? I was surprised how much I felt for Naomi. She was a grown woman, but she'd never really lived her life. Her mother had been controlling her every move, and just before she's walking down the aisle, she realizes that she doesn't love Elijah. Not because he's not a good, honourable man, but because she doesn't even know him. Hell, Naomi Clemons doesn't even know herself. I sympathized with her plight, and was rooting for this sweet, confused girl to figure her shit out from page one. Now, the thing that I loved the most about this story was Jason. Jason Bristow. Special Forces Diver. Giant man extraordinaire. Jason is trying to raise a teenage sister all the while juggling a million other responsibilities. He's trying to help his blue haired, ripped leather toting sister do the one thing she wants to do: take part in a beauty pageant. Jason is to his core a Tessa Bailey hero. He's a good guy, who when he meets the woman he loves sees no one else. And Jason and Naomi together? The brash, tatooed diver, and the sweet southern belle? FIREWORKS. And the dirty talk? Let me tell you, this is one of Tessa's best yet. If you love grumpy, sexy, men and sweet women, with bucketloads of sexual tension thrown in, along with some smoking hot sex, this is the book for you. Five stars.
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    4 Runaway stars

    After having read Getaway Girl, I was excited to get my hands of Runaway Girl, and Tessa Bailey didn’t let me down. She’s delivered a book, that wasn’t just as good as the previous one, but waaaayyy better. I loved reading every minute of this sweet sexy, funny, and truly emotional story. There’s some tremendously hot chemistry at play between Naomi and Jason, they were hot enough that my kindle near melted. Naomi Clemons was tired of being considered the epitome of a southern belle, she wanted to break free from those confines and find herself. Her real self. And what a way to do it! On her wedding day! She just ups and takes off, leaving everyone behind in Charleston wondering what the hell go into her. Now Naomi needs a job and when she finds one that suits her to a T she also meets Mr Grumpy pants. Jason is an ex-special forces operative and now he’s back home caring for his young sister. But, when she needs coaching for her beauty pageant, he draws the line and places an ad in the local newspaper. That help comes in the shape of Naomi and sparks fly from the very first second. Jason knows she’s going to mix things up with his life, but will it be for the better… or worse? Will Namoi stay put for the long haul or will she once again become the Runaway Girl? One-Click today and find out.

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