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  • 1 personne a trouvé ce commentaire utile

    1 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    1 sur 1 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

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    I loved this one! I thought the story was fresh and unique and while Micah was a bit of a jerk, I'm not sure the story would be believable if he were any other way. It's a quick easy read that once I started, I had to finish! A bit on the mellow side for the sexy times we've come to expect in Brazen books but I thought it was perfect for the story. Micah Crane finds himself in a life he doesn't know how to get out off. No one just walks away from being a mob enforcer. When Laurel Harris, prim and proper school teacher, enters his life to help him with his young daughter, he finds leaving his current lifestyle behind is exactly what he wants to do. This is one I definitely recommend!
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    Okay. But I wanted and needed more.

    I wanted to read A Moment of Weakness because of the blurb. Okay, and the cover didn’t hurt. I mean come on, an elementary school teacher, a single dad, and a kid. Talk about a perfect recipe for a romance. For me, the perfection ended there. Micah Crane is a single father and sole caretaker of his six-year-old daughter Shaelynn. He’s part owner of a crappy bar in Boston. He’s also an enforcer for a member of the most powerful crime family in Massachusetts. Laurel Harris is awaiting the start of the fall school year so she can start her new job. She’s strapped for cash and is running out of places to apply for a summer job. Her best friend, April suggests she become a nanny for her niece. As it turns out, the six-year-old desperately wants to get away from her dad’s bar and have a woman in her life. I’m a fan of Entangled Brazen and I’ve read plenty of books from them. According to their submission requirements, the heat level has to be steamy and the book should contain 5+ sex or sexual scenes. However, at 63% Laurel and Micah have only gotten to third base twice. I’m expecting a home run, at least once. At this point, I have to admit the story started losing my interest. But hey, 63% I have to keep going. At 85% it gets better. I wasn’t a fan of Micah consistently coming home with cuts and bruises, looking like death warmed over. When I read he was an enforcer, I didn’t think he was going to consistently be fighting with his hands. I thought he would be a guy who had a gun and would be so big he didn’t need to truly risk his life. The highlight of the story for me was Shae. Being raised as she was, she sees more than you would think. I loved when she called her dad out for being an idiot. The story is predictable so I knew what was coming. Micah’s severing of his ties with the mob didn’t seem realistic. And I don’t truly have an idea of who he is at the end of the story. While I wasn’t overly crazy about A Moment of Weakness since it lost me more than halfway in, I would definitely read Brooklyn Skye again. This is the first book in the Boston Alibi series and I would love to read April’s story. Ryan, Micah’s business partner, became likeable close to the end, and I would be willing to read his story as well. **Received a copy from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion.**
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    Lots of steam

    Loved this book, it was fast paced. A real page turner, had me laughing too. Very steamy, sexy characters.

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