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    Two Suspenses in One Book

    Loved both of these stories! This book takes over where the series - Classified K-9 Unit - left off but it doesn't have anything to do with that story line, just has some of those characters so it's easy to pick up this book and read it, even if you didn't read that series. It's a great holiday suspense book too so I definitely recommend it! A KILLER CHRISTMAS by Lenora Worth This story starts out with an attempted murder and goes on from there! I so enjoy reading about the FBI K-9 agents and their handlers! In this story we get to know Nina Atkins. She meets US Marshal Thomas Grant right after the attempted murder that she witnessed and they have to work together to solve it because the suspect is someone Thomas has been following! The case takes different turns that I didn't suspect! I had a hard time putting the book down because it was so interesting and I HAD to see how it ended! YULETIDE STALKING by Terri Reed This story is about an arsonist. The K-9 is a dog who is an expert in detecting accelerant and belongs to FBI agent Tim Ramsey. The arsonist begins stalking Vickie Petrov, who can possibly identify the arsonist so Tim and his K-9 stick close to her. Vickie and her parents own the bakery in town and everywhere they turn, the arsonist seems to find them, especially Vickie. What is going on? Tim is determined to find the truth! Another story that kept me turning the pages!!!!
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    A Killer and Stalker Bring Christmas Romance.

    This two in one Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense by Lenora Worth and Terri Reed was an enjoyable and fast read. A KILLER CHRISTMAS by Lenora Worth features a murder investigation. FBI K-9 agent Nina Atkins has a slight chip on her shoulder where she wants to prove her worth to her colleagues and her family. On a night time run with her Rottweiler Sam, who is an expert cadaver dog, Nina stumbles upon a crime that starts out this intriguing story. US Marshal Thomas Grant has arrived all the way from Texas to Montana in pursuit of a hitman. As the crime scene is secured and being investigated, Thomas has a sixth sense and meets Nina! Once their lives are put in danger together, Nina and Thomas realize that in order to solve the crime they have to team up and that takes the reader on an amazing ride. In this story, Thomas is adorable, sweet, protective, funny and upstanding. Nina is brilliant and courageous. However, sometimes her constant chattering and questions were rather annoying. I was not a big fan of the female protagonist but her bravery made her likeable. With all these types of books, I am usually able to to figure out the culprit. And this tale was no different. However, the back story was very detailed and suspenseful. I have always enjoyed Lenora's writing style, and this book was great! Don't expect too much Christmas though. If you want a quick suspenseful read with clean romance, you might just enjoy this. The second story by Terri Reed YULETIDE STALKING was beautiful. I wasn't looking forward to this story as much. However, this story was surprising and heartfelt. FBI Agent Tim Ramsey along with his German Shepard partner, Frodo are fire investigators. Tim is on an important assignment where there are numerous arsons occurring around Billings, Montana. Tim has figured out the start of the fires but the criminal keeps escaping until Vickie Petrov. Bakery store co-owner Vickie Petrov has changed herself due to a horrible event in her college life. She has become quite subdued and socially avoids everyone. The night that she is helping out at the shelter, she is accosted but bravely fights back to save herself. She is the one witness that can maybe help Tim figure out who the arsonist is and save the business owners in Billings from damaging fires. And that starts the story of Tim and Vickie that is sweet and slow building but quite romantic. There is a Christmas feel through out the story. I was able to figure out the mystery but it was still great to read and intricately woven. The action scenes and all the supporting character truly added to the story. Also, the Christian faith aspect was nicely depicted. In both books the characters of each story make a brief appearance to show continuity, but Terri Reed was really able to weave the characters in better. This story was a delight and the Frodo is adorable. The action scenes is Lenora's book are well written. Overall, if you are looking for some mystery and a sweet romance, you will like this book!

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