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    Wonderful fast paced read.

    It is with great delight, as part of Danica Winters' Street Team, that I bring you my review of Dust Up With the Detective. This is a fast passed, quick read, that will leave you guessing. Deputy Blake West has been in love with her next door neighbor Detective Jeremy Lawrence since she was a teen. As the search for his brother's killer grows even more personal, so does the relationship between the two. Will they be able to find the killer before the stakes become too high? As always Danica Winters' writing is wonderful and full of the kind of story that will draw you in. If you've never read her work, this is a great place to jump in. If you are a long time fan, you will not be disappointed.
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    A great murder mystery

    An intriguing murder mystery in a small town Montana, where everyone knows each other, where the connections are deep, and culprits nearly impossible to find, since no one is talking against their family and friends, yet everyone is talking about the crime and investigation. The story was easy to read, easy to get into. The suspense had a great flow in it, and the steps to discover the culprit were believable and logical. The atmosphere was very realistic and bare, like in the old cop movies. The suspense worked well for me. The culprits were not obvious, and it took some time to figure it all out. The romance between Blake and Jeremy, in my opinion, could have had more background and more depth to it. The first kiss came out of the blue, and after that, their commitment and deeper feelings were causing conflicts. Considering how long it had been since they lived in the same town, and were friends, the speed of the attraction to action and deeper feelings was too fast, for me, without any deeper communication to base it on. Blake was insecure about her position at the police force, her ability to investigate the murder, she came off defensive and prickly. Jeremy had always had a crush on Blake, but she broke his heart long ago, and now he wasn't sure about her feelings towards him - and that I understood, I wasn't sure about them either. I liked the characters, they were very realistic, with faults, insecurities, problems, and drama. They made hasty decisions and felt guilty about the outcome. I wish there would have been more communication between Blake and Jeremy, but they worked well together after they got over their insecurities. The physical attraction was palpable, yet I longed for deeper connection beyond the obvious. The author has a unique and fresh voice, her own style that draws a clear picture to the reader's mind, and makes it easy to follow the tale. A mysterious death in a small town Montana, a town filled with possible corruption, frightening connections, and suspicious leadership. ~ Three Spoons with a teaspoon on the side

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