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  • 7 personne a trouvé ce commentaire utile

    7 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    7 sur 7 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    Merci pour votre commentaire !


    This is my second novel by this author and I'm hooked! Lucie and Blake are very attentive and loving parents to 9 year old Grace and baby Oscar. Lucie reluctantly agrees to let Grace walk home from her best friend's house one day, despite her inner voice screaming that it was a bad idea. Thinking she may be projecting her own fears onto her child based on incidents in her past life, she decides to give in. They've installed a fail safe plan where nothing could go wrong...or so they thought. Once quick glace at a phone, one little slip on a slippery walkway was all it took for their lives to be turned upside down in an instant. Grace never rounded the bend from her friend's house. She's just vanished... Lucie has secrets. Huge secrets that she's kept from even those she holds most dear. But those could have nothing to do with Grace disappearing, could it? Blake is the one on his way up the political ladder,surely his career would be more likely to attract someone with a vendetta to snatch their daughter and cause them to suffer. As the story unfolds with it's many twists and turns, we find out that no secret can stay buried forever and some people just won't let go. I really enjoyed this story. My only criticism would be that maybe all of the twists weren't necessary? Some felt rushed to resolve and tie up at the end. But overall it was a great book and I will definitely be reading more from this author. Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for the advanced copy to read and review.
  • 7 personne a trouvé ce commentaire utile

    7 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    7 sur 8 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

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    Omg this book was soooo good. I couldn't put it down. Such an easy and fast read. I would've never guessed it in a million years. It was such a shocking twist at the end. All the revelations that came to light at the end were fantastic. This book had everything. Great characters, content and a shocking ending. What more do you want from a book???
  • 5 personne a trouvé ce commentaire utile

    5 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    5 sur 5 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    Merci pour votre commentaire !

    An Engrossing Read

    The day after her ninth birthday, Lucie and Blake Sullivan agree, to let their daughter, Grace, make the four-minute walk back home alone from a friend’s house just down the street, for the very first time. What starts as a joke turns into a nightmare, when Grace goes missing midway. Despite the best efforts of the police, Grace seems to have vanished into thin air. Soon Lucie discovers that Grace’s disappearance is more sinister than it looks and to find her, she has to face her long buried past. The theme of a missing child has been done before a lot but what sets Finding Grace apart from the rest is the engaging writing style and the clever plot twists. The story pulls you right in and simply does not let go. You get drawn into the story of Lucie's search for her daughter and the ever changing suspects. I loved how the author created a series of possible suspects, right from the start. Every time you think you have cracked the mystery, another twist changes the course of the story. The story feels a bit repetitive just before the end of the first half. But, overall the story is fast paced and has plenty of twists and turns. The story really shines in the second half. The story seamlessly shifts between the past and the present which keeps you guessing about what will happen next in both the timelines. It’s like reading two stories at one, each with its own twists and each tied together by a common thread. As an author of seven psychological crime thrillers, KL Slater is clearly a master of her craft. She maintains a fine balance between the thriller and an emotional story right till the end. This book was paced perfectly and the climax ties all the loose ends logically with a satisfying end. Overall, Finding Grace is an entertaining & absorbing thriller full of twists and turns.
  • 1 personne a trouvé ce commentaire utile

    1 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    1 sur 1 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

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    Superb read. I was hooked from the start, I have two brain tumours that leave me with concentration problems, so for me to read within a few days shows how it draws you in. A great story, leaves you wanting to read in one go. Excellent anticipation and great ending I highly recommend.
  • 0 personne a trouvé ce commentaire utile

    0 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    0 sur 0 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    Merci pour votre commentaire !

    Finding Grace

    This book was well written and could easily happen in your own family,god forbid! Kept me guessing right to the end. At first I believed it was the old lady at the coffee shop because of what she had said that day I never thought she was the B&B owner from the college days.

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