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    Thrilling and exciting romance

    This is a story full of mystery with mystery people showing up you never know what to expect. The author pulls you in from the first page giving you a compelling read of danger, heart stopping suspense and bone chilling excitement as one lady goes on the run for her life why men are out hunting her to find out what she knows it could be life or death for her and her new friends. When you have a much older brother you haven’t seen in years and never really knew you feel guilt for not having stayed in touch when he dies. Your beliefs are so different with so many years between you, you feel lost at his funeral. You might go by his place pick up a few things that may let you get to know your brother better and go home. Once you get home you find a letter that was written from him years ago when he was in the army telling you if you every in trouble go to this person. Funny how sometimes just saying words seem to make things happen. In Sabrina case after reading her letter strange things happen making her wonder if someone is after her but why. She feels she is on the run for her life running to the man her brother said to go many years ago. On her way things just keep seeming to happen to her when the smart mouth man showed up to give her a tow when someone hits her car she is a little taken back. They bait each other both being attracted to the other but not wanting to give in. Both were totally shocked the next day when she shows up on his doorstep with an amazing story. This is really were the story takes off with explosion, terrorist, guns, bullets flying all around one scared little women and one very alpha male who has seen his side of danger giving it up because of the demons that are following him. Now he finds his self right in the middle of saving one women and finding answers. Pamela Almand’s narration was wonderful as she takes you through the paces giving you an outstanding build up that keeps you on the edge of your seat why holding your breath wondering what the devil will happen next. She really puts lots of emotion into this listen giving you a true feel for what each character is feeling. There are no background noises or any place where the volume is higher than the last chapter. She gives you a clean and clear listen. If any breaks where taken you could not tell. Her male voices are strong, alpha, demanding and at times unsettling just like the author wanted. Her female voices are at times are very strong but you can hear the fear, excitement and at times the strength. She really does an amazing job bring the story to life, keeping you hooked as you hold your breath expecting the worse. You have no trouble know just what each character is feeling the narrator really brings their emotions to life with her voice. This is the first I have listened to anything by her and really am looking forward to listening to more of her work. The author does an amazing job with showing the uneasiness of Sabrina as well as her strength. Not knowing where to turn when her life starts falling apart round her she takes a chance running to someone she has never met hoping he can help her work out the puzzle. Maybe she is wrong but what if she is right and someone is after her. What in the world could her brother have been mixed up in and why did they seek her out or is this something that has nothing to do with him. Sabrina was a great character full of compassion for the underdog as she helps teens start over giving them new life. She must work out the clues going though her brothers belongings before her understudies go down the wrong road again getting into trouble they won’t be able to get out of. Derek is just trying to get by taking over his father’s ranch trying to keep his head above water as he tries to outrun the demons from his past life. His sister is something else you will just love her along with the men on the ranch they keep the story interesting as the excitement t builds you are left with your mouth hung open a few times. His ranch hands are they just plain cowboys or are they more than meets the eye? Derek is a great character he always gives a helping hand and if he doesn’t his sister is there to give him a push. He is a little bit of a mystery as well as his ranch. He is very alpha and is not afraid to defend what is his taking out the bad guys is right up his alley. He is handsome, tough, with a heart that makes women fall for him every time. I loved the excitement at every turn the story really takes off from the first few pages never leaving a dull moment. Beware things are not always as they seem. My heart went in my throat a few times holding my breath waiting for the end to come. The buildup is thrilling leaving you with chills at times. The author gives just the right amount of romance with two people on opposite side of their beliefs for guns and violence as they come together to save a country. With things as they are in today’s world it isn’t hard for this to be a belie
  • 0 personne a trouvé ce commentaire utile

    0 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    0 sur 0 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

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    In Hot Water

    A book that grabs you attention from the beginning and keeps it until it's concullion it was very enjoyable. A big hand to the author.

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