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    0 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

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    Loved The First Book In The Series!

    I received a copy of this book through the Goodreads Giveaways in exchange for a honest review. In Promises Kept, Victoria is looking for a husband who will take care of her and her twin boys, it led her from St Louis, MO to the little town of Promise, Wyoming. Victoria was working in a hotel in St. Louis when a letter for an ad she placed looking for a husband, she goes to Promise only to discover her future husband died that very morning, in his will, he left his property to her and the twin boys. Colt McBride is a cowboy that is dealing with a evil Mr. Wallace that wants everyone's property as his own. When Victoria shows up, all of her secrets she has kept to keep her and the boys safe has her realizing that not all cowboys are bad. Everyone is on edge as Mr Wallace and his goons try to destroy everything Victoria and Colt has worked for in a ending nobody will see coming! I love romance books like this just due to the old west setting and a handsome cowboy who will do anything to protect the ones he loves. From the moment I started reading this book, I knew it was going to be one that I'm gonna have to get all the books in the series! The next book is going to follow Colt's brother, Jake and I can't wait to see what that one has in store for everyone! Thank You to Scarlett Dunn for writing a great start to more fantastic books in the future!
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    Promise's Kept

    A true western tale, the tall cowboy, the ranch, the helpless lady. All the elements of a good western tale. This being one of the great ones. Truly exciting and enjoyable, one all readers will want to emergence themselves in, a great era.
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    good clean western romance

    Victoria works as the cook in a boarding house in St Louis, Missouri as the cook. She arrived with two small boys in tow claiming they were her brothers. That was not exactly the truth; she took the boys with her when she left a saloon in Abilene two years ago to save them from the orphanage. She needs a husband to help her care for the boys, provide a home, and a father figure. The boys keep asking for a Pa. She won’t consider a cowboy, as one had almost raped her; she had nothing but bad trouble with cowboys. She advertises for a husband out west and travels to Promise, Wyoming to farmer Chet Barlow; he was the only that did not make reference to her wifely duties. The writers were very explicit in what they expected whether they married her or not. Before leaving St Louis for Promise she served dinner to huge handsome cowboy, Colt McBride, from Wyoming in town checking on an inheritance left from his uncle. There’s trouble in Promise, Wyoming; Chet is farming in the middle of cattle country. Euan Wallace is as crooked as they come, mean as a snake, and thinks he is God; he wants Chet’s land for the water and everyone else’s land as well, by hook, crook, hired gunmen, or murder. Victoria, along with a stray dog she acquired along the trip, arrives in Promise, Wyoming to the news that Chet has died from a possible heart attack, and who gives her the news but the huge handsome cowboy, Colt McBride. What were the chances he lived next door to her intended? There are lots of ugly things going on and around Colts’ ranch; cattle killed and rustled, neighbors practically run off their land, and mysterious fires meant to burn them out. Colt’s can’t prove its Wallace, but everyone knows it’s him; Wallace has the Sheriff in his back pocket, so he has no help from that quarter. Colt has been alone a long time, his brothers left when Colt became so wrapped up in the ranch after their father’s death. Cole wants them to come home; he also wants to bring the man who caused his mother’s death to justice by his gun. Meanwhile, the attraction is beginning to heat up between Colt and Victoria. Wallace has decided he needs a wife to enhance his standing, and to dress up this life. Victoria has secrets, secrets that are sure to be exposed, deep secrets. Colt and Victoria will finally have a happy ever after but not before adversity and evil will impact their lives. This is a clean love story between two strong people fighting for their future in the west, where only the strong survive and evil at every turn. I look forward to the next book in this series. I recommend this book for any one that like a good solid clean love story. I received this book from the publisher and Netgalley in return for an honest opinion.

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