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    Perfectly wonderful and wonderfully perfect!

    Lola Fraser had met Hamish Gibson that morning when they briefly crossed each other’s path for the fundraiser that had taken place in town. After a long and difficult day in the ICU, Lola needed a large drink, and maybe some physical comfort. That’s where she saw Hamish for the second time, and sparks flow. Lola knows she shouldn’t go there: Hamish is her roommate and best friend Grace’s brother, but Grace doesn’t need to know, and Hamish is not staying. Until he comes back a few months later for some training, and Grace obligingly let him have her room. Neither Lola nor Hamish has forgotten that night, but it cannot happen again. TEMPTED BY MR. OFF-LIMITS is a perfectly wonderful, and wonderfully perfect romance! I had never read a medical romance before – I didn’t quite know what to expect, and I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it – but Amy Andrews is a favourite author of mine, so I took a chance, and I’m so happy I did! I must say that Hamish is a totally dreamy hero, and I fell in love with him much quicker than Lola did; he is honestly everything I look for a male protagonist in a romance novel: he’s straightforward, he is naturally sexy; he doesn’t come across as arrogant, but full of honest self-confidence; he’s a caring individual and he understands Lola’s concern given that he is a paramedic, and she an ICU nurse. Amy Andrews’ own background as a nurse gives much credibility and authenticity to the story, and the hospital drama is exciting, enlightening as it deals at some point with organ transplant. I also loved how the medical and romance parts flowed so seamlessly to form a smooth and very compelling narrative. Hamish is a country boy at heart; he thrives on stability, Lola a nomad, and while their attraction and fondness for each other, I had no idea how they would ever work together to find their happily ever after. Hamish is open to compromise, but Lola not so much, and how they finally found a way was just fabulous. I loved that neither Hamish nor Lola assumed that their relationship was off-limits: Grace warns Lola quite specifically that it is not a good idea. I enjoyed the vivid descriptions of the Australian setting, and I had to google those jacaranda flowers to see for myself what they looked like – they play a very important part in the story. The writing is, naturally, flawless, the banter between Hamish and Lola so normal and delightful; I loved this romance so much because it felt normal, it was entirely believable from beginning to end; it felt like it could happen to me, like this is what true love really should be. I have nothing but very good things to say about TEMPTED BY MR. OFF-LIMITS: it is a quick read, perfectly paced, and utterly lovely and delightful!

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