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    0 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

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    The most extraordinary story of young love!

    Once in a while, I need a great YA story to remind me of those long ago days where life seemed just a bit more simple. With The Fragile Ordinary, I got just that and more. Samantha Young beautifully depicts the very crux of teenage angst with this tale of Comet Caldwell and her quest to figure out just exactly where she belongs. From the very start, it was hard not to feel a kinship with the 16 year old Comet, the nerdy book lover who despite her less than attentive parents, has managed to have two best friends in Vicki and Steph. Two girls who try their hardest to get Comet to branch out of her comfort zone, which is her room lined with her favorite books. There is push and pull as Comet just wants to stay in her sanctuary yet at the same time she just wants to find her place in the world. Oh how I could commiserate with her! I remember those awkward years and all the mean girls nonsense that could destroy a day, week, month or even year of high school! And then Tobias King enters her closed-off existence and suddenly our dear Comet has feelings she tries so hard to ignore but is a victim to each and every one. And who could blame her: a handsome American transfer student who both intrigues and confuses her almost daily is someone she can't help but notice. The Author perfectly relays all the confusion, the muddled emotions that a teenager like Comet feels and oh my goodness did I cringe often for her. Remembering all too well what it felt like to be in like with someone who feels so far out of your league. But at the same time as Comet is dealing with all this insecurity, she's starting to come out of her shell in the most unexpected of ways and those stolen moments with Tobias were some of the most beautiful in this story. We get inside Comet's world and all of the pitfalls of living your life as a 16 year old are there in all its painful glory. I was in awe at how she found a way to break free of her self-imposed chains and became the Comet she deserved to be. This book is at times heartbreaking and yet there is such hope in the Comet's discovery that she is worthy of all the goodness. Watching as she realizes that she has the strength to overcome her naivete and her struggles with fitting in was worth all the pain. She is such a good person without being overly sweet and I was beyond thrilled those around her finally knew it too. She steps out of that afore-mentioned comfort zone and what is on the other side is never easy but is oh so worth it. This is a tale of perseverance and of the power of friendship and love. I found it hard to let go once the last page was read and I am hopeful we hear from this eclectic cast of characters again in the future. It's never easy portraying a time in one's life that was perhaps a bit mired in heartache but the Author took a bit of her own past and gave it a voice that exemplified all that it means to be a teenager. Set in Scotland, I loved the comparisons to an American high school and the realization that no matter where one lives, all that goes with being 16 remains quite familiar. A well-written book that is more than worth your time, Samantha Young has created one very memorable story that I will not soon forget. 5 solid stars!
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    Fantastic YA read!

    Yet again Samantha Young has written a beautiful story full of emotion and life lessons. Can't wait to share Comet & Tobias' story with my teens.
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    A genuinely real coming-of-age story

    It’s been a while since I’ve dived into a good YA Contemporary book, and The Fragile Ordinary was just right book! I really enjoyed Comet, she was relatable as a teenager navigating her life and trying to find her place. She’s seen as the shy, socially awkward girl, feeling lost among her own parents, sometimes her own friends. The author tells an honest story of important issues which were impressively expressed through a great touch of poetry. Tobias and Vicki were also two characters I loved. Samantha Young creates well-developed characters that feel genuine and real. What I loved most about this book was how touching the story was. There were many, emotional, raw and powerful moments that I found many could relate to. You feel for these characters because the events are very much real which many may have experienced throughout their own lives. Of course, being a romance lover, the love story was an aspect I was very excited for as well, and Samantha Young had me giddy for Comet and Tobias the whole time. Samantha Young writes a riveting coming-of-age story of love, loss and self-discovery that you could feel a genuine connection to.

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