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    Fabulous series full of angst and drama

    Fabulous series about a group of friends and the trials and tribulations of growing up as high school graduation approaches. I love this high school drama, it feels true to life about the struggles of growing up, finding friendship and love and all the challenges both entail. One Night: I read One Night after reading Just Friends and loved it. I know the intention is to read this first but for me I didn’t think it hurt me to read it out of order. This solidified what I knew from Just Friends while giving me stronger back story on a few of the characters. It’s interesting that Cannon isn’t really part of Just Friends so I’m curious how he comes into play in the next part. I like him and believe he is what Emily needs but she is lost right now so I’m not sure she will ever give him a chance. Love the connection that Tuttle makes with Amanda – Tuttle just wants to love someone and be loved by them, something he is missing from his parents. Oh Olivia and Dustin, you know, Dustin thinks he’s told Olivia how he really feels yet, she isn’t getting the message. Communication can be a killer. And well, Emily and Olivia, are they friends? Olivia believes they are but Emily gives a totally different picture of that relationship. Friends: Oh the drama of high school. This is a perfect balance of the challenges of being a teenager and traversing the waters of love, friendship and the muddy waters in between. Olivia and Dustin have known each other since elementary school. When Emily moved to town, she made their duo a trio. As teenage hormones start to takeover, we find that the bonds of friendships get pushed making it hard to know whom your true friends are. Dustin has always had feelings for Olivia but Emily likes Dustin. Then a new boy arrives on the scene, Ryan. Olivia spends part of her summer away from her friends and when she returns, life isn’t the same. Will this trio find a way to remain friends? Or will their friendship be broken? I’m still reeling from this story. The angst and drama is intense which has me questioning whom to trust. More Than Friends: This book is perfectly executed, I felt and lived all the crazy high school drama as Amanda and Jordan traverse the trials and tribulations of young love. Amanda sees herself as the band geek/Brainiac that the cute boys don’t notice so when Jordan Tuttle suddenly shows an interest in her, well, she’s shocked and skeptical. Jordan seems to have it all on the surface but we finally get to peel back the layers in this book and find out what his life has been like to shape his distrust of love and commitment. Yet, there is still so much more that he needs to face if he will ever be open to love. I loved learning that he always had a crush on Amanda. EEK! I love these two characters, high school is hard, growing up and figuring out what to do next and Monica Murphy captures all of the angst, struggles, challenges for Amanda and Jordan. I was stunned with the ending and anxiously await the next installment to see what happens for Amanda and Jordan. Loving how real this series feels. Forever: Fabulous conclusion to Jordan and Amanda’s romance. Jordan has pushed Amanda away, will he realize that he does deserve love in time to convince her to forgive him. Amanda struggles with what to trust from Jordan. She loves him but he pushed her away and now, how can she believe what he says. Love this coming of age romance as they deal with the challenges of high school while looking toward life after high school. At the same time, we also get to see what happens with Livvy, Ryan, Dustin, Cannon and Emily. All of the characters have grown as they work through their emotions, loves and doubts giving a well-rounded story. Packed with all the crazy drama filled moments you would expect from a group of hormonal teenagers!

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